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New Chinook helicopters for the Dutch Air Force 40909152.

| 2015
Defence & Security News - (Netherlands)
New Chinook helicopters for the Dutch Air Force

The Dutch Ministry of Defence has announced that it plans to acquire a new fleet of 14 Boeing CH-47 helicopters to replace the older “D” models and enhance its capabilities.

New Chinook helicopters for the Dutch Air Force
Royal Dutch Air Force Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter

The Chinooks have been a trusted platform and battle-proven during the operations in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world. The Royal Dutch Air Force currently operates a fleet of 11 CH-47D, which started being delivered in 1995 and six CH-47F first delivered in 2013.

The Dutch MoD has considered the procurement of CH-47F in the current configuration. However, due to budget restrictions the helicopters will be in the same configuration as the US Army’s and will later receive some modifications, along with the current “F” ones.

The cost of the program will be at EUR838 million, while the total allocation from the Dutch MoD is at EUR915 million. These funds do not take into consideration any income generated from the sale or the use of common parts from the existing helicopters. The first helicopters will be delivered in 2019.



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