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MBDA presented its RADIUS scalable effects technology to the British MoD 42910152.

| 2015
Defence & Security News - (MBDA)
MBDA presented its RADIUS scalable effects technology to the British MoD
MBDA in cooperation with BAE Systems presented the RADIUS (Range Adaptable Device Incorporating Unique Scaling) technology. The technology allows Armed Forces to select the desired military effect up until the last moment before firing, offering scalability depending on the mission requirements, thus a wide range of advantages for the users.
MBDA presented its RADIUS scalable effects technology to the British MoDA representation of the RADIUS scalable effects capability (Photo: MBDA)

RADIUS was developed by TDW, a subsidiary of MBDA Deutschland, and was recently presented at the British MoD’s Otterburn Test Range, in cooperation with BAE Systems Munitions, to a number of international representatives.

The technology allows the user to select the effects of any blast-fragmentation or penetrator warhead between 10% and 100%, thus reducing collateral damages. This option offers a great advantage in asymmetric operations, especially in urban environments. RADIUS can be integrated on a wide range of warheads whether they are artillery projectiles, air-to-ground precision-guided weapons, anti-ship missiles with land attack capabilities or even long-range cruise missiles.

The test involved the integration of RADIUS into two identical Mk-82 500 lb general purpose bombs. Both of them contained the same amount of explosive but they were set to explode at the minimum and at the maximum output respectively.

Ulrich Störchle, TDW’s Managing Director, said: “RADIUS could soon provide the answer to conventional and asymmetric threats in military missions. With the target-dependent, flexible effects provided by our RADIUS® technology, we can address the needs of all armed services – land, sea and air. We are proud to show the high maturity of the technology and pleased with the level of interest shown by representatives from Armed Forces, procurement agencies and defence industry.”

Steve Fogg, BAE Systems Munitions’ Managing Director added: “Our Ridsdale Range team was thrilled to host this event and use its experience to help demonstrate the capability of TDW’s scalable technology. BAE Systems is always exploring innovations to better support the Armed Forces so we welcomed the opportunity to be involved.”



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