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First biannual Kuwait International Exhibition and Conference KIDEC 2016.

| 2015
Defence & Security News - KIDEC 2016
First biannual Kuwait International Defense Exhibition and Conference KIDEC 2016
At Camp Doha, near Kuwait City, on the 22h-25th of February 2016, under the official patronage of the Kuwait Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense, will commence the first biannual Kuwait International Exhibition and Conference. KIDEC 2016 is focused on “Life-saving technology designed to defend against today’s threats!”
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It will be four days filled with conferences, workshops, live demonstrations and more! Leaders on Cyber Security, Missile Defense, Counter Terrorism and various other topics will share their knowledge, and more than 500 vendors from all over the world will exhibit their cutting edge products and services and how they can strengthen defense capabilities.

Keeping with the theme of cutting edge technology, KIDEC 2016 will utilize patented state of the art SMART Event technology that will become an exhibitor’s force multiplier. The exhibition space will be equipped with real time micro-location mapping solutions, augmented reality, proximity notification beacons, and other exciting capabilities. All of these tools will help both the attendee and the exhibitor to better locate their desired products, capabilities, and prospects at the large venue. This will allow each party to maximize time spent at KIDEC by focusing on efforts most specific to each individual’s objectives.

KIDEC is for any company, big or small, with products and services that aim to serve the greater good. The Kuwait Government Ministry of Defense thus cordially invites all allied nations and partners across the globe to display and present national development in the area of security and defense. Be part of this SMART event; register today by visiting our website


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