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Ukraine Boosts Its Artillery Capabilities with 30 Czech Dana M2 152mm Howitzers.

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The Czech Republic has delivered approximately 30 Dana M2 152mm wheeled self-propelled howitzers to Ukraine, enhancing its artillery capabilities. This strategic reinforcement follows a 2020 announcement that revealed Ukraine's acquisition of 26 Dana M2 howitzers under a contract valued at an estimated $40 million.
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A Dana M2 152mm wheeled self-propelled howitzer of the Ukrainian armed forces. (Picture source Video footage Ukraine army)

The ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia has reemphasized the critical role of artillery in modern warfare, marking a shift from expected high-tech military engagements to a more traditional artillery duel. Despite the advent of advanced weapon systems, the lack of Russian air superiority has led to a reliance on ground-based artillery tactics. Both countries, with their military roots in the Soviet era, have a historical dependence on artillery, highlighting the importance of mobility and quick repositioning in warfare.

Ukraine, facing challenges with its Soviet-era artillery and limited ammunition, has received significant international support, including modern artillery systems and munitions from NATO countries. This support has been crucial in addressing the imbalance in artillery capabilities between Russia and Ukraine, underlining the continued relevance and strategic importance of artillery in contemporary conflicts.

Drawing on open-source intelligence, it has been confirmed that Ukraine's purchase includes 30 DANA M2 howitzers, manufactured by the Czech company Excalibur Army. This procurement notably encompasses "thousands" of 152mm DN1CZ extended range artillery shells, enhancing the operational effectiveness of these howitzers.

The delivery timeline indicates a structured approach, with 24 of these howitzers ordered in December 2022 and subsequently delivered. Additionally, an unspecified number of howitzers were delivered before this date, suggesting a phased integration of these systems into Ukraine's military arsenal.

The Dana M2 152mm howitzer, known for its mobility and firepower, is expected to provide a substantial boost to Ukraine's defensive and offensive operations. The inclusion of advanced DN1CZ artillery shells, designed for extended range, underscores a significant upgrade in Ukraine's artillery capabilities.

The Dana M2 howitzer, manufactured by the Czech company Excalibur Army, is a modernized version of the Dana self-propelled gun howitzer, characterized by its high mobility and efficiency in the field. This artillery piece stands out for its ability to quickly take up and leave firing positions, enhanced accuracy, and superior crossability in difficult terrain. It features a wheeled design, offering cost and maintenance advantages over tracked vehicles, as well as improved off-road mobility. Additionally, the Dana M2 is equipped with a powerful onboard control system that includes subsystems for diagnostics, navigation, automatic gun aiming, and ammunition selection. The howitzer's design includes a resistant cabin with an NBC filtration system, ensuring high levels of comfort and protection for the crew. With its advanced features and capabilities, the Dana M2 represents a significant evolution in artillery technology.

The main armament of the Dana M2 howitzer consists of one 152mm gun, capable of firing a range of ammunition types, including high-explosive and high-explosive anti-tank shells. This artillery system is noted for its semi-automatic breech, allowing for a rate of fire of up to 4 rounds per minute. The effective firing range of the Dana M2 is approximately 18.7 kilometers, with a maximum range extending up to 20 kilometers. The integration of these advanced armament features, along with its mobility and onboard control systems, makes the Dana M2 a formidable piece of artillery in modern warfare.

This delivery of Dana M2 howitzers by the Czech Republic demonstrates a continued commitment to supporting Ukraine amidst ongoing regional tensions.

Ukraine Boosts Its Artillery Capabilities with 30 Czech Dana M2 152mm Howitzers 925 002
The Dana M2 is a new generation of 8x8 152mm self-propelled howitzer designed and manufactured by the Czech Company Excalibur Army. (Picture source Army Recognition Group)

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