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Ukrainian Forces receive from Croatia APR-40 122mm MLRS rocket launchers.

| 2023

According to a picture released on the "Praise The Steph" Twitter account on May 9, 2023, the Ukrainian armed forces have received Romanian-made APR-40 122mm MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System) from Croatia which has also recently delivered 128mm RAK-SA-12 MRLs.
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Romanian-made APR-40 122mm MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket Systems donated by Croatia to Ukrainian armed forces. (Picture source Praise The Steph Twitter account)

On 28 February 2022, the Croatian Minister of Defence, Mario Banožić, approved a comprehensive package of military and humanitarian aid for Ukraine. This extensive support includes helicopters, towed artillery, multiple rocket launchers, small arms, man-portable air defense systems, ammunition, and miscellaneous equipment.

The aid package features 14 Mi-8 helicopters, including Mi-8MTV-1 variants. Nine of these helicopters have already been delivered in May 2023, with the remaining five scheduled for delivery. In the towed artillery category, Croatia has provided 15 130mm M-46 (M-46H1 variant) field guns as of 13 August 2022, and 40 D-30 howitzers.

Ukraine's arsenal will also be bolstered by RAK-SA-12 128mm multiple rocket launchers, which were delivered in April 2023. On the small arms front, at least 20,000 Zastava M70 assault rifles were provided in February 2022, along with 5,000 FN FAL battle rifles. Additionally, machine guns with ammunition were supplied in February 2022.

The Croatian aid package includes 5-6 shipments of Strela-2 and Igla man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS). Furthermore, the procurement of 155mm ammunition is in progress through the European Defense Agency, with delivery details yet to be announced.

Finally, miscellaneous equipment such as protective gear was also part of the aid provided in February 2022. This comprehensive support demonstrates Croatia's commitment to assisting Ukraine during this critical time.

The APR-40 is a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) developed by Romania. It is an upgraded version of the older Romanian-made APR-21 rocket launcher, which itself was based on the Soviet BM-21 Grad MLRS. The APR-40 entered service in the late 1980s and is still in use by the Romanian Armed Forces today.

The APR-40 is designed to deliver indirect fire support to ground troops and engage various targets, including enemy artillery, infantry formations, fortifications, and light armored vehicles. It is capable of launching 40 unguided rockets in a single salvo, providing a significant amount of firepower in a short amount of time.

The system is mounted on a 6x6 truck chassis, typically an IVECO or DAC, which provides the mobility needed for rapid deployment and redeployment. The vehicle also carries the fire control system, allowing for quick and accurate targeting.

The APR-40 fires 122mm caliber rockets, with a range of approximately 20-40 km, depending on the type of rocket used. The system can be loaded with various types of warheads, including high-explosive fragmentation (HE-FRAG), incendiary, smoke, and illumination rounds, making it a versatile weapon for different battlefield scenarios.

In terms of operation, the APR-40 has a crew of four to six personnel, including a driver, commander, and two to four operators. The MLRS can be prepared for firing in about 3 minutes and can launch its full complement of 40 rockets in less than 20 seconds. After firing, the vehicle can be reloaded and ready for another salvo within 10 minutes.

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