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SOFINS 2023: Rohde & Schwarz from Germany presents cutting-edge electronic warfare solutions.

| 2023

As a systems partner and integrator for enhanced situational awareness and network monitoring, German company Rohde & Schwarz presents its latest and innovative portfolios of cutting-edge electronic warfare (EW) solutions for spectrum dominance and mission success at the SOFINS Special Forces Seminar and Exhibition in Bordeaux, France.
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At SOFINS 2023, Rohde & Schwarz is showcasing its EW and intelligence solutions. (Picture source Rohde & Schwarz)

Rohde & Schwarz supports missions with scalable intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems that can be integrated in various platforms. Exchangeable sensor subsystems are available and can be used in manual or automated EW. This year's Special Operations Forces Innovation Network Seminar (SOFINS) takes place at the Camp de Souge military base in France's Gironde Department from March 28 to 30, 2023 and Rohde & Schwarz will showcase their next-generation EW system components.

One core system component is the new R&S UMS400 lightweight universal monitoring system. It is a core COMINT component and a good fit for any platform thanks to its brilliant radio performance and reduced size, weight and power (SWaP). The R&S UMS400 is crucial for gathering actionable intelligence, creating situational awareness and participating in larger ISR multi sensor missions. It is also used for operations focusing on force protection and small-scale emitter hunting.

The R&S PR200 portable monitoring receiver is indispensable when searching for and analyzing known and unknown radio emissions and localizing signal sources. The R&S PR200 can handle typical mobile spectrum monitoring, spectrum clearance, interference hunting and site testing tasks in both indoor and outdoor environments. The receiver is compact, battery-powered and easy-to-operate. It can help measure network performance for on-site signals in the frequency and time domain, analyze online signals in combination with PC based signal analysis software in COMINT applications or detect and locate miniature transmitters indoors with a differential spectrum.

The R&S EM200 digital compact receiver has a wide frequency range that supports spectrum monitoring and direction finding with minimal SWaP will also be on display. The R&S EM200 is an ideal I/Q source for continuous wideband data collection, effective radio reconnaissance and situational awareness. The R&S TSMA6 autonomous mobile network scanner, an integrated solution for high speed LTE-5G NR testing, will also be showcased.

Rohde & Schwarz is a key partner to the armed forces, law enforcement, government authorities as well as domestic and international security organizations. The company produces high technology solutions at company-owned sites with a deep industrial value chains and vertical integration. The sensor, antenna and software portfolios provide cutting-edge EW solutions for spectrum dominance and situational awareness. They can also monitor congested RF spectra for improved spectrum awareness, interference hunting and coverage and occupancy measurements.

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