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Russian Navy counters Ukrainian naval drone attacks with rare BM-21PD Damba MLRS in Sevastopol Crimea.

| 2023

Following last week's attacks by Ukrainian naval drones on the Yuriy Ivanov class intelligence ship, Ivan Khurs, the Russian navy has bolstered defenses near the Sevastopol naval base in Crimea. They have deployed a rarely used version of the BM-21 MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System), known as the BM-21PD or DP-62 "Damba", which is capable of firing underwater PRS-60 ammunition
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BM-21PD 'Damba' fires PRS-60 ammunition. (Picture source Facebook)

The DP-62 "Dam" is a Soviet coastal self-propelled rocket launcher system. It was created based on the Multiple Launch Rocket System 9K51 "Grad." The main objective of this complex is to counteract the enemy's diversionary forces on the coastline, particularly near the entrances to the bases and anchorages of ships.

This system includes several components, one of which is the combat vehicle, the BM-21PD. This machine is a refined version of the BM-21 combat vehicle. A unique feature of the BM-21PD is that it is equipped with a power rectifier, enabling it to operate not only from its power station but also from an industrial power grid with a voltage of 380V. It can fire either from the machine itself or from a remote control panel. The vehicle can work in two modes - autonomously and using a hydro-acoustic station. The reloading of the rocket packet can be manually done either from the ground or from the transport vehicle 95TM, equipped with unified 9F37M racks.

The 95TM transport vehicle, which is part of the DP-62 system, is designed based on the ZIL-131 truck and is capable of carrying 40 shots.

The uncontrolled rocket projectile PRS-60 is a vital part of the DP-62 system. It can target ultra-small submarines at depths ranging from 3 to 200 meters, and within a non-ricochet firing range from 0.3 to 5 kilometers. Additionally, it can potentially destroy underwater saboteurs using a special tip attached to the projectile. The probability of hitting a single saboteur with a half-volley (20 shots) is as high as 99%.

The DP-62 "Dam" boasts impressive weapon specifications, with a 122mm caliber and a barrel length of 3000mm. It has 40 guides, and its firing range varies from a minimum of 300 meters to a maximum of 5000 meters. The system can achieve a maximum elevation angle of 50 degrees. The crew of the BM consists of three people, and the salvo time is 20 seconds.

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