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Russian company Roboavia to launch drone production for Russian army in Rostov-on-Don.

| 2023

According to an article on, Valentin Kiselev, who heads the Moscow office of Roboavia, a Russian company specializing in drone development for the military, revealed the company's plans to enhance its production capabilities by inaugurating a second manufacturing facility.
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Sarych-2 reconnaissance drone (Picture source: Roboavia)

Established as recently as 2022, Roboavia is a privately owned entity that currently lacks the capacity for large-scale industrial production. Currently, their sole production site situated in Simferopol yields a modest output of 16 drones per month. However, the company has aspirations to establish an additional facility in Rostov-on-Don with significantly elevated production capacity, aiming to manufacture around 48 drones monthly.

Roboavia has introduced two advancements in its product lineup that have advanced to the stage of state testing. The first innovation is the Surprise strike drone, specially designed for deployment by the Russian Ground Forces. This quadcopter-style drone, weighing 24 kg, boasts portability as it can be folded and transported within a backpack. With a maximum payload of 7 kg, it holds a range of 10 km under the "Surprise" configuration. Notably, the drone has the capacity to transport and release two 82mm mortar rounds. The commencement of troop deliveries is slated to commence in early 2024.

The second creation is the Sarych-2 reconnaissance drone, capable of sustained missions lasting 2.5 hours. Already subjected to testing by the Black Sea Fleet, this drone is presently undergoing official state evaluations. However, it's noteworthy that deliveries to military units stationed in Crimea have already commenced.

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