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Rheinmetall from Germany negotiates with Ukraine construction of tank factory to build KF51 Panther.

| 2023

According to information published on March 4, 2023, by the German newspaper website "Spiegel" the German company Rheinmetall is negotiating the construction of a tank factory in Ukraine with an investment of €200 million to build the new KF51 Panther Main Battle Tank (MBT).
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The new German-made KF51 Panther MBT Main Battle Tank is designed and developed by the German company Rheinmetall.  (Picture source Army Recognition)

Citing Armin Papperger, the Chairman of the German company Rheinmetall AG, the new factory could produce up to 400 KF51 Panther MBTs (Main Battle Tanks) per year. A decision could be made in the next two months.

Armin Papperger also stated that the new factory could be protected against aerial threats from the Russian army through the deployment of air defense systems. Currently, Ukraine needs 600-800 tanks to achieve victory over Russian forces.

On February 10, 2023, the Army Recognition editorial team reported that Germany was in talks with Ukraine to supply the KF51 Panther, a new generation of Main Battle Tank unveiled by the German company Rheinmetall in June 2022 at the International Defense Exhibition Eurosatory held in Paris, France.

With this proposal from Germany, Ukraine could become the first country in the world to acquire the KF51 Panther, which is the most recent development in main battle tanks.

Citing information from Rheinmetall, the KF51 Panther is destined to be a game-changer on the battlefields of the future. The concept of the main battle tank sets new standards in all areas, including lethality, protection, reconnaissance, networking, and mobility.

The KF51 Panther has been developed using new technologies and innovations in terms of protection, mobility, and firepower. All weapon systems are connected to the commander’s and gunner's optics and the fire control computer via the fully digitalized NGVA architecture. This enables both a hunter-killer and a killer function and thus instantaneous target engagement and in the future also supported by artificial intelligence (AI).

The KF51 is armed with a new 130mm Rheinmetall Future Gun System, that offers superior firepower against all current and foreseeable mechanized targets. In addition, further armament options are available to provide concentrated firepower for long-range strikes and against multiple targets.

The KF51 Panther has a fully integrated, comprehensive, weight-optimized protection concept, incorporating active, reactive, and passive protection technologies. Without a doubt, the concept's most compelling feature is its active protection against KE threats. It increases the level of protection without compromising the weight of the system.

The KF51 Panther builds on the mobility concept of the Leopard 2 MBT. With an operational weight of just 59 tons, it delivers far greater mobility than current systems and has a maximum operating range of around 500 kilometers. Without prior preparation, it fits into the AMovP-4L profile, something no other current main battle tank upgrade can do. Consequently, the KF51's tactical and strategic mobility set it apart.

Rheinmetall from Germany negotiates withe Ukraine construction tank factory to build KF51 Panther 925 002
The KF51 Panther is the latest generation of Main Battle Tank using new technologies and innovations in terms of protection, mobility, and firepower. (Picture source Army Recognition)

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