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Plasan from Israel delivers 3 more Mercedes armored ambulances to Ukraine.

| 2023

Bullet-proof Mercedes Sprinters join another such vehicle that arrived in Ukraine several weeks ago, equipped with monitor, defibrillator, oxygen system and other emergency gear, Emanuel Fabian reports in The Times of Israel.
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Mercedes Sprinter ambulances armored by Plasan have been delivered to Ukraine (Picture source: Israel MoD)

The Israeli Defense Ministry announced on January 30 that it had delivered three more armored ambulances to Ukraine’s emergency services. The first of the four ambulances was delivered several weeks ago, Emanuel Fabian reports. The bullet-proof Mercedes Sprinter ambulances were armored by the Israeli Plasan Re’em company. They are equipped with “life-saving medical gear such as a monitor, defibrillator, oxygen system, and more,” the Defense ministry said.

Israel has provided defensive equipment to Ukraine’s emergency and rescue forces, as well as tons of humanitarian aid and setting up a field hospital in western Ukraine for several weeks, Emanuel Fabian writes: last July, then-defense minister Benny Gantz approved a shipment of defensive aid including 1,500 helmets, 1,500 protective vests, hundreds of mine protection suits, 1,000 gas masks, and dozens of hazmat filtration systems. This followed a shipment of 2,000 helmets and 500 flak jackets last April, after months of Jerusalem dragging its feet on the matter, Emanuel Fabian reminds.

Jerusalem has so far avoided providing direct military aid to Kyiv — including offensive arms or advanced defensive technology — since Russian troops invaded Ukraine on February 24 last year, in an attempt to avoid sparking a crisis with Moscow.

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