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Norway Provides Ukraine with more NASAMS Air Defense Systems in Military Support Package.

| 2023

On July 12th, Norwegian Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram announced Norway's intention to provide Ukraine with a substantial military support package. This package includes a significant contribution of 1,000 Black Hornet reconnaissance drones, as well as two NASAMS air defense systems and the required spare parts. This article will specifically highlight the provision of the two NASAMS systems, while a separate article is covering the inclusion of Black Hornet reconnaissance drones in the comprehensive Norwegian package. To read the article on the Black Hornet component of the package, please click "Here".
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The NASAMS system, built by Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace, is recognized as one of the most advanced and effective air defense systems. (Picture source Wikimedia )

On July 12th, Norwegian Defense Minister Bjørn Arild Gram announced Norway's intention to provide Ukraine with a new substantial military support package among which two NASAMS air defense systems.

A few months ago, Norway had already collaborated with the United States to deliver two NASAMS firing units to Ukraine. Building on this prior contribution, Norway has recently announced its commitment to providing two additional firing units. The NASAMS system has demonstrated its exceptional effectiveness in air defense. By bolstering Ukraine's existing capabilities, the supplementary firing units will greatly enhance the country's capacity to safeguard its cities and critical infrastructure from potential missile attacks originating from Russia. Additionally, Norway will provide training to Ukrainian personnel to ensure proficient maintenance and operation of the NASAMS system.

The NASAMS system utilizes the AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM) as its primary armament, a highly capable air-to-air missile employed by numerous countries worldwide. It also incorporates an array of sensors and command and control capabilities, enabling operators to detect, track, and engage targets using appropriate weaponry.

Exported to several countries, including the United States, Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, and Oman, the NASAMS system is widely recognized as one of the most advanced air defense systems globally. It serves the purpose of safeguarding critical infrastructure, military installations, and other high-value assets.

Designed to engage aerial targets within medium ranges, typically ranging from 15 to 25 kilometers, the NASAMS system primarily employs the AIM-120 AMRAAM missile, which boasts a maximum range of 120 kilometers. However, the effective range of the missile is contingent upon various factors, such as target altitude, missile velocity, and the missile's guidance system's tracking capability.

Norway's commitment to providing Ukraine with additional NASAMS air defense systems as part of its military support package demonstrates a significant boost to Ukraine's defense capabilities. The NASAMS system, known for its effectiveness in air defense, will enhance Ukraine's ability to protect its cities and critical infrastructure from potential missile threats. This collaboration underscores the international efforts to support Ukraine's security and highlights Norway's role in strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities.

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