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Japan sends to Ukraine its first two Mitsubishi Type 73 tactical vehicles.

| 2023

According to information published on June 28, 2023, the Japanese Ministry of Defense confirmed the delivery of the first two Mitsubishi Type 73 4x4 light tactical vehicles from Japan to Ukraine. Preceding this, an official ceremony was held on May 24, 2023, where the Japanese Ministry of Defense announced their commitment to support Ukraine with these tactical vehicles as well as emergency rations. Key figures at the event included the Japanese Minister of Defense, Parliamentary Vice Minister of Defense, and H.E. Dr. Korsunsky, the Ukrainian Ambassador.
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The two first Japanese Type 73 4x4 light tactical vehicles for Ukraine. (Picture source Japan MoD)

Japan has demonstrated a steadfast commitment towards supporting Ukraine with much-needed military aid. The assistance, which first commenced in February 2022 with a grant of US$200 million, has since been followed up with a series of vehicle supplies designed to bolster Ukraine's defense and logistical capabilities.

In August 2022, Japan supplied several vans aimed at personnel and food transport, thus enhancing the logistical flow and sustenance for Ukraine's military personnel on the ground. As the conflict evolved, so did the Japanese aid. By April 2023, eight Toyota Hilux pickup trucks were sent to Ukraine, designed for use by Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) units. Alongside these, six ISUZU crane trucks were also sent for the same units.

Looking ahead, Japan has also committed to sending a series of other high-mobility vehicles, adding to Ukraine's military strength. This includes a consignment of Toyota high mobility vehicles, Mitsubishi Type 73 light (1/2 ton) jeeps, and Morooka rubber track carriers. These vehicles, part of a batch of 100, are set to be delivered soon.

In addition to vehicles, Japan has provided a range of individual gear and military equipment. While the specifics of these provisions are not detailed in this report, it's clear that Japan's support for Ukraine extends across multiple aspects.

This aid package underlines Japan's ongoing commitment to Ukraine, proving itself a reliable ally in these challenging times. Japan's efforts showcase a strategic and comprehensive approach to military aid, bolstering Ukraine's ability to protect itself and its citizens. The upcoming delivery of additional high-mobility vehicles is eagerly anticipated, marking the next phase of Japan's ongoing support.

The Type 73 Light Truck, also known as the Mitsubishi Type 73 Light Truck Shin, is a light military vehicle primarily used by the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF). The vehicle was developed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, a prominent Japanese automaker known for its diverse range of cars, trucks, and military vehicles.

Introduced in 1973, the Type 73 Light Truck was designed to fulfill a range of roles in military operations, primarily to transport personnel, supplies, and equipment. Its lightweight design and compact structure make it suitable for navigating challenging terrains.

The vehicle comes in several variants, including a personnel carrier, a radio truck, a maintenance vehicle, and an ambulance. The personnel carrier version typically has seating for a driver and co-driver in the front, with additional space for troops in the rear.

The Type 73 Light Truck is typically unarmed and is not designed for direct combat, but rather for logistic and support roles in military operations. However, it may sometimes be equipped with a machine gun for self-defense.

The vehicle has a 1/2 ton payload capacity, making it suitable for light duties. It's typically powered by a diesel engine, providing a good balance of power and fuel efficiency.

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