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IDEX 2023: FN Herstal and Steiner unveil FN Elity ballistic calculator combined with sniper scope.

| 2023

At IDEX 2023, FN Herstal, from Belgium, and Steiner Defense, from Germany, unveil a unique and unparalleled combination of a ballistic calculator (FN Herstal’s FN Elity) with a sniper scope (Steiner’s M7Xi IFS or M8Xi IFS).
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Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
FN Herstal's Elity ballistic calculator mounted on a Steiner M7Xi IFS or M8Xi IFS scope (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The shooter has to upload some data in his FN Elity, like the weapon type and the ammunition used. In fact, FN Elity is an all-in-one system that comes standard with the following:

* a laser range finder that can measure a human-size target at distances of up to 1,750m
* visible and infrared laser pointers
* an infrared illuminator with variable light intensity and adjustable beam cone
* a ballistic solver, developed by ApexO (AFS), that provides real-time shooting corrections and goes beyond classic G1, G7 drag coefficients to calculate the bullet trajectory
* embedded sensors (e.g. temperature, pressure, humidity, elevation angle) that provide the data needed to fine-tune the shooting corrections according to the environment
* an Android app, based on the well-known AFS software from ApexO and using Bluetooth to configure every parameter of the ballistic solver for an improved user experience
* the latest generation OLED screen displaying relevant information visible in the most difficult weather and light conditions

The wind speed and direction can be adapted on the wind clock display manually on the FN Elity or automatically integrated from a weather station with Bluetooth. The wind speed and direction are critical factors for an accurate shot, especially at the muzzle but also at the target and it is not easy to evaluate the latter. This is why experimented snipers are trained to assess if the wind speed at the shooting position is approximately the same at the target or not. If not they can then adapt the wind speed and direction in the FN Elity accordingly or by assessing the impact of the first shot.

Thanks to its ballistic solver and multiple user features, the FN Elity is the best asset available to increase first-round hit probability at long range. It provides additional state-of-the-art designation capabilities, while being one of the most compact systems available on the market, delivering to warfighters and security forces an unchallenged tactical edge.

FN Elity combined with Steiner M7Xi IFS or M8Xi IFS sniper scope

As mentioned earlier, Steiner’s scope is already remarkably efficient by itself. The German manufacturer is renowned for its military-grade optics, legendary coating, ruggedness, top-class accuracy, intuitive interface and ease to use. M7Xi IFS and M8Xi IFS are powered by a simple AA battery, easy to find anywhere in the world. The sensors provide real-time input for temperature, barometric air pressure and inclination.

The combination of this scope with FN Herstal’s FN Elity further improves the targeting efficiency: Elity communicates its parameters to the Steiner M7Xi IFS scope which ‘’enrich’’ the data already supplied by the scope itself to the shooter who simply has to apply the indicated number of clicks to adjust his fire. What is a precious advantage is that the data supplied by Elity appear in the reticle of the scope, which means that the shooter no longer risks losing his target from sight by giving a glimpse at Elity’s small screen. Every operator can select which information will be shown on the display of the IFS – for example: actual positions of the turrets (elevation and side-adjustment), an artificial horizon (cant indicator), compass bearing, ballistic solution (e.g. provided by FN Elity), just to mention some of the options.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
FN Herstal's Elity ballistic calculator mounted on a Steiner M7Xi IFS scope (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Data provided by Elity in a simulated situation, with the sighting corrections to apply (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
The same data supplied by Elity appear in the scope's reticle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

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