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IDEX 2023: Arquus displays Fortress Mk2 4x4 armored vehicle in anti-tank warfare version.

| 2023

At IDEX 2023, Arquus presented its Fortress Mk2 in an anti-tank configuration, with a crew of 5, armed with 5 MBDA Akeron missiles, 2 firing posts and 1 UAV. In this configuration, one launcher is fitted on the Fortress Mk2’s Hornet RCWS, ready to fire. The other one is stored inside the vehicle, ready to disembark for dismounted anti-tank combat.
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Fortress Mk2 in an anti-tank configuration, with a crew of 5, armed with 5 MBDA Akeron missiles, 2 firing posts and 1 UAV (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The team comprises one ATGM squad leader, one driver, one Hornet Akeron gunner dedicated to surveillance and combat from the vehicle, one gunner manning the Akeron firing post and one UAV operator dedicated to gathering intelligence and coordinating BLOS (Beyond Line of Sight) strikes. Optionally, the Fortress Mk2 can also load up to 3 extra crew members or 4 extra missiles, depending on the mission or the team loadout.

That mission-ready configuration is very relevant on the Fortress Mk2, which is an extremely agile vehicle on all terrains. Designed as an APC, the Fortress Mk2 offers large internal volume, ideal for the transport of several missiles and firing posts, while retaining space for the crew and their personal equipment.

Thanks to its independent suspensions and proven chassis, it can reach any favorable tactical position for a missile launch and engage enemy armor from points where it is not expected. Its mobility also allows it to swiftly reach cover after engaging its target, even by cutting through demanding grounds, slopes and relieves.

To achieve this superior tactical mobility the Fortress Mk2 has been equipped with a 6-cylinder 340HP engine that guarantees an excellent 23HP/ton power/weight ratio, at the top of the market. It can reach 120 km/h with a range of 1,200km.

Designed for long missions in complete autonomy, the Fortress Mk2 offers a very large internal space. As an APC thought for a combat group of 10 and their equipment, it can load up to 2 tons of payload with a fully customizable and modular loadout.

Thanks to that payload capacity and modularity, the Fortress Mk2 can load a full complement of ammunition. It can also integrate all the fire configurations of the MBDA Akeron missile by combining the Hornet Akeron RCWS and the Akeron dismounted firing station.

The Fortress has been selected by the Special Forces of a NATO country and is already combat proven. It has recently been deployed in foreign operations and has fully met its users’ expectations. Its mobility and protection notably have already been tested in operational situations.

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