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IDET 2023: Nexter KOVS Titus Command post now in service with Czech army.

| 2023

Basically, the Titus 6x6 is a highly capable infantry mobility vehicle that has been developed and manufactured by Nexter and Tatra Defence Vehicle. This vehicle, known as the KOVS Titus 6x6, is specifically designed to support command and control systems in a wide range of combat conditions. It excels in both stationary and on-the-move operations, providing automation capabilities to ground forces units and commanding officers at the tactical level.
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KOVS Titus command post vehicle as delivered to the Czech army (Picture source: Army Recognition)

One of the key features of the KOVS Titus is its ability to facilitate seamless information sharing between the crew and the command post. This allows for effective communication and data exchange in multinational operations, promoting interoperability and enabling reach-back capability. The vehicle supports secure and non-secure HF, VHF, and UHF radio speech and data transmission, ensuring reliable communication while operating in various locations.

The Titus 6x6 is built on the Tatra T815 chassis, offering a solid foundation for its capabilities. It has a weight of 27 tonnes and can reach a maximum road speed of 95 km/h. With an operational range of 600 km, the vehicle is well-suited for extended missions. As for armament, it is armed with a 7.62mm light machine gun to enhance its defensive capabilities.

In terms of connectivity, the KOVS Titus features three AN/PRC-117G systems, which cover a frequency range of 30-512 MHz to 2 GHz. Additionally, it includes an AN/PRC-160 system with a frequency range of 1.5 MHz to 59.999 MHz. This diverse array of communication means ensures reliable and versatile connectivity for the vehicle and its crew.

When it comes to weight and dimensions, the unladen weight of the Titus 6x6 is 17 tonnes, with an operational weight of 23 tonnes. The maximum gross weight is 27 tonnes, and the vehicle has a width of 2.55m. Its height measures 2.73m (roof), and it spans a length of 7.77m. The Titus 6x6 offers a ground clearance ranging from 0.3m to 0.5m, depending on the configuration.

To ensure the safety and protection of its occupants, the Titus 6x6 is equipped with various levels of ballistic and mine protection. The standard configuration provides ballistic protection ranging from level 2 to 4, and mine protection from level 3A/3B to 4A/4B. It can also withstand IED blasts ranging from 50kg to 150kg. Higher levels of protection can be requested based on specific operational requirements.

In terms of mobility, the Titus 6x6 is powered by a 500HP engine, which allows for impressive performance. Its running gear features semi-independent stub axles, and it is equipped with Michelin 16.R20 tires, a Syegon CTIS system, and a flat-running system. The vehicle's steering is facilitated by axles #1 and #3, with a turning circle of 13m. This enables the Titus 6x6 to maneuver effectively in various terrains and conditions.

With regards to performance, the Titus 6x6 boasts a range of 700km and can achieve a maximum speed of 110km/h. It can handle a slope of up to 60% and has a step capability of 700mm. The ground clearance measures 450mm, and it can handle a side slope of 30%. The vehicle is capable of fording water up to 1.2m without any special preparation, further enhancing its versatility in different environments.

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