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IDET 2023: Day 1 summary at International Defense Exhibition Brno Czech Republic.

| 2023

Day 1 for Army Recognition Editorial Team at IDET 2023, the International Defense Exhibition that takes place in Brno, Czech Republic from 24 to 26 May 2023. Discover the latest technologies and innovations of modern military equipment displayed at IDET 2023.
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Discover the latest innovations and technologies of defense products at IDET 2023, a defense exhibition in Brno, Czech Republic. (Picture source Army Recognition)

In this video discover the latest military products of the Czech Defense industry including the Morana 155mm artillery howitzer, MR-2 Viktor mobile air defense system, recovery truck, MRAP vehicles, BAE Systems CV90 IFV latest variant, CAESAR 8x8 howitzer, and MARS air defense vehicle armed with SAAB RBS 70 NG surface-to-air missile.

Summary of this video: 

00:00 INTRO
00:34 IDET 2023 International Defense Exhibition in Brno Czech Republic
00:55 CSG Czechoslovak Group presents its full range of defense products including combat vehicles, artillery systems, ammunition
01:38 Morana 155mm 8x8 self-propelled howitzer from Excalibur army
06:56 MR-2 Viktor anti-drone 14.5 mm twin machine gun from Excamibur army
08:20 Treva-30 New generation of recovery truck from Excalibur army
10:05 Patriot 4x4 MRAP armored vehicle from Excalibur Army
10:26 BAE Systems presents the latest variant of its CV90 tracked armored IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle
15:45 French Company Nexter displays its CAESAR 155mm self-propelled howitzer in 8x8 configuration for Czech Army
17:41 Czech company SVOS MARS air defense vehicle armed with SAAB RBS 70 NG portable surface-to-air missile system
22:40 Army Recognition Group contact information
22:55 OUTRO

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