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IDEF 2023: Katmerciler displays Tunga unmanned ground vehicle.

| 2023

The Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) Tunga, also known as Türkiye's first unmanned mini-tank, is currently being presented at IDEF 2023. Designed by the Turkish company Katmerciler, the Tunga UGV is a versatile tracked platform, offering customizable configurations to meet various needs. This vehicle is the result of a collaboration between Katmerciler and Aselsan, equipping the Tunga with a remote-controlled SARP shooting turret and a satellite communication system.
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Katmerciler displays Tunga unmanned ground vehicle. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Tunga UGV stands out with its automatic target tracking system, allowing it to engage moving targets. With features such as day-night vision, ballistic calculation, distance measurement, and a computerized fire control system, the vehicle offers enhanced efficiency on the battlefield. All functions can be remotely managed via a control kit, providing greater flexibility in its use.

The versatility of the Tunga UGV is further enhanced by the option to integrate various systems, including electro-optical systems, radar, and communication systems. Controllable up to a distance of 5 kilometers through the satellite control system, the vehicle is available in electric and hybrid models, offering environmentally friendly propulsion options.

With a payload capacity of up to one ton, the Tunga UGV boasts superior operational capabilities, including a 60% climbing capacity and the ability to overcome 40% side slopes. Moreover, it can cross trenches of up to 900 mm and surmount steep obstacles of 400 mm.

Beyond its use as a powerful military platform with advanced combat capabilities, the Tunga UGV is also adaptable to various missions. It can be transformed into a border and reconnaissance observation tool by integrating thermal cameras and motion sensors. Additionally, it proves effective in mine clearance and can be utilized to evacuate wounded individuals from conflict zones by adding a bulletproof chamber to the platform. Furthermore, it can carry payloads, military ammunition, equipment, and tow heavy vehicles when needed.

With advanced technological features and its ability to cater to diverse functions, the Tunga UGV opens new prospects for Türkiye in the field of unmanned ground vehicles. This promising advancement will also bolster the country's export potential, placing it among the select few nations with access to such cutting-edge technology.

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