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Germany delivers two more Wisent 1 MC tanks to boost Ukraine's Mine-Clearing capabilities.

| 2023

According to a recent statement released by Germany, two Wisent 1 MC Mine Clearing tanks have been delivered to Ukraine. With this recent delivery, Germany has now delivered a total of four Wisent 1 tanks to Ukraine. The purpose of this delivery is to support Ukraine in its ongoing efforts to clear mined territories. The information regarding this delivery was confirmed by a list posted on the website of the German Ministry of Defence on June 15, 2023.
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German Wisent 1 MC Mine Clearing tank. (Picture source FFG)

This recent delivery of the Wisent 1 tanks follows the arrival of two tanks in Ukraine back in March, further bolstering the country's capabilities in mine clearance. Germany's provision of these specialized armored vehicles reflects its commitment to supporting Ukraine's defense efforts and addressing the dangerous legacy of landmines. These tanks will play a crucial role in clearing and securing areas affected by landmines, enabling safer movement and facilitating post-conflict reconstruction.

In addition to the Wisent 1 tanks, Germany has also supplied Ukraine with two 8x8 HX81 truck tractor units, two semi-trailers, 16 Zetros trucks, and an impressive 300,000 first-aid kits. These contributions further demonstrate Germany's commitment to providing Ukraine with essential equipment and supplies to support its defense efforts and enhance its overall capabilities.

Germany's commitment to aiding Ukraine and providing advanced equipment like the Wisent 1 tanks reflects Western support for Ukraine's defense and territorial integrity. The assistance provided will not only strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities but also contribute to the clearance of dangerous landmines, ensuring the safety and well-being of both military personnel and civilian populations in affected areas.

The WiSENT 1 is a multi-functional tracked armored platform that was developed by the German company FFG based on the Leopard 1 tank chassis. The vehicle is available in three variants including an ARV (Armored Recovery Vehicle), AEG (Armored Engineer Vehicle), and MC (Mine Clearing) vehicle.

The Wisent 1 MC is a modified version of the Wisent 1 Armored Recovery Vehicle (ARV), repurposed to provide the following troops with safe, cleared routes. This unit is equipped with a full-width mine-clearing system that has already proved its worth in service with several nations worldwide.

Notably, the Wisent 1MC also features a lane marking system, a critical addition that enables the following troops to pass safely through the lanes that have been cleared of mines. This lane marking system greatly reduces the risks of accidents or mishaps in mine-infested regions.

Equipped with a Full Width Mine Plough, the Wisent 1MC can effectively clear mines over a large area, providing a wide, safe passage for following troops. Its Magnetic Signature Duplicator is designed to trigger magnetically fused mines, enhancing the unit's mine-clearing capability.

In addition to these features, the Wisent 1MC also hosts a new auxiliary winch, broadening its operational versatility. Its crane with a 30-ton lifting capacity increases the unit's utility, and a front-mounted high lift adapter gives it the flexibility to tackle various field challenges.

With these enhancements, the Wisent 1MC stands as a robust and reliable solution for mine clearance, underscoring its role in supporting the troops that follow its cleared routes.

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