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EDEX 2023: new Egyptian anti-drone jammer DJ-400V mounted on vehicle.

| 2023

The Egypt Defence Expo, set to be held from December 4-7, 2023, at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre, will feature an exhibit from the Arab Organization for Industrialization (ASI). One element we observed on-site is the Vehicle-Mounted Anti-Drone Jammer (DJ-400V). This device is designed to counter the growing threat of mini and micro unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).
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DJ-400V mounted on a vehicle during EDEX 2023. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Drones are currently very popular, whether used in a utility or military context, and their use is only increasing. Manufacturers are racing to be the first to find a viable solution to effectively counter this new threat. Egypt does not want to be left behind and is presenting a new solution at its EDEX 2023 expo, the DJ-400V.

The DJ-400V aims to neutralize mini and micro-UAV threats by disrupting their data link and the signals from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). This capability is essential to mitigate the risks posed by these drones in various environments. The device offers comprehensive coverage, reaching 360 degrees horizontally and +30 degrees vertically. It can be customized to provide coverage in specific sectors according to the user entity's demands.

The jammer operates effectively within a range of up to 4 kilometers using a non-directed antenna. This feature allows it to secure a circle with a radius of 4 kilometers, providing robust defense against drone attacks from all directions. The device is equipped with advanced control and protection circuits. These circuits monitor and display various operational conditions such as power output, high temperature, electric current, and Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR), ensuring optimal performance and safety.

The DJ-400V is designed to function in all weather conditions, with an operational temperature range of -10 to +55 degrees Celsius. This makes it a versatile tool for various climatic conditions. The device is particularly useful for protecting critical facilities and VIPs. It is also ideal for ensuring the safety of highly attended events, such as conferences and inaugurations, where the threat of drone attacks is significant.

The development and deployment of the DJ-400V reflect the increasing focus on innovative solutions to counter new-era threats in the field of defense and security. The presentation of this technology at the Egypt Defence Expo is a testament to the advancements in the sector.


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