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DSEI 2023: TT Electronics showcases DC-DC and AC-DC converters for Aerospace and Defense Applications.

| 2023

TT Electronics is showcasing its range of DC-DC and AC-DC converters at DSEI 2023. The products are designed for safety-critical applications in the aerospace and defense industries and comply with industry standards. The company is also introducing a certified civil aerospace power supply that is awaiting formal flight certification.
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DC-DC and AC-DC converters operate in an environment ranging from -55°C to +80°C and can operate at an operating altitude of up to 51,000 feet. (Picture source: TT  Electronics)

At the DSEI 2023 event, TT Electronics is exhibiting its latest DC-DC and AC-DC converters. These products are developed to meet the requirements of safety-critical applications in the aerospace and defense sectors. The converters are designed for high reliability and can operate in harsh environments.

The company's DC-DC converters offer a power range from 100 W to 10 kW, accommodating a wide range of aerospace and defense applications. They are designed to handle a variety of input voltages, including 270 V, 400 V, 540 V, and 800 V DC while providing output voltages of 20 V, 28 V, or 48 V DC. The core unit of this range is a 1 kW converter with 800 V DC input and 28 V DC output, capable of achieving up to 96% efficiency using modern wideband switching technology. These converters also feature up to 1500V isolation between input and output, ensuring operational safety. They comply with DO-160G and MIL-STD-1399 standards, ensuring they meet the rigorous requirements of aerospace and defense applications.

TT Electronics also presents its AC-DC converters, specifically designed for civil aerospace applications. These converters have a continuous power of 420 W and have two inputs for three-phase variable frequency alternating current and fixed 28 V DC. The AC input range is 102V-237V and 1254Hz-2903Hz, and the converters provide four isolated DC outputs. The efficiency of these units is between 89% and 90% at full load. These AC-DC converters are awaiting formal flight certification following a successful qualification campaign.

DC-DC and AC-DC converters meet various technical standards, including design assurance according to DO-254 DAL A, EMC according to DO-160G, and environmental compliance according to DO-160G. The AC-DC converters also meet power quality standards for DO-160G (DC input) and MIL-STD-704F (DC output). They operate in an environment ranging from -55°C to +80°C and can operate at an operating altitude of up to 51,000 feet.


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