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US Defense budget confirmed for Abrams tanks Strykers and M-SHORAD.

| 2022

According to Chris Galford in Homeland Preparedness News, as a result of the FY 2022 National Defense Authorization Act’s (NDAA) passage into law, among the beneficiaries of its funding will be the Abrams tanks, Stryker vehicles, and Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense (M-SHORAD) program, all slated for billions of dollars in improvements.
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A Stinger missile launches from the new Maneuver Short Range Air Defense system on Oct. 7, 2021. (Picture source: U.S. Army/Maj. Robert Fellingham)

As Chris Galford reports, in all, $1.35 billion are laid out for upgrades to the Abrams tanks, $1.1 billion for Stryker vehicles, and another $331.5 million to craft Stryker chassis for the M-SHORAD program. “The funding is critically important for Lima and the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center (JSMC), which supports our troops both at home and around the globe, and its irreplaceable workforce,” U.S. Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) said. “The newest version of the Abrams tank, the M1A2 SEPv3 (redesignated M1A2C) is a vital investment for our soldiers to meet the realities highlighted in the latest National Defense Strategy, and they come off the line at JSMC in Lima. This funding will ensure that more tanks are upgraded at Lima and provided to our forward-deployed soldiers.”

The JSMC, which maintains production for these various vehicles is located in Lima, Ohio. The M-SHORAD program began in 2020, adapting the Stryker, altering the Lima-produced infantry transport vehicle into an infantry-supportive anti-aircraft and anti-drone fighter. Maneuver-Short Range Air Defense (M-SHORAD) moves and maneuvers in direct support of Brigade Combat Teams (BCT) to destroy, neutralize or deter low altitude aerial threats, including Group 3 UAS, rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Leonardo's MEP solution. (Picture source: Leonardo)


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