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Russian forces in Ukraine use drone with Artificial Intelligence technology to detect high-value targets.

| 2022

Russian armed forces deployed in Ukraine use drones with onboard Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems able to detect and identify high-value targets and more particularly the military equipment delivered by the United States and the allied countries.
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A Russian-made Zala Aero KUB-BLA was shot down in Ukraine. (Picture source Twitter account Rob Lee)

Citing information published by the Russian defense company ZALA Aero which is part of the Kalashnikov Group unveiled in August 2019, the latest technologies of Intelligence Artificial (IA) able to detect and identify modern military equipment are integrated into drones.

Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems which are able to process large quantities of information that humans can't manage.

Many foreign military forces have developed artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to spot hidden targets using reconnaissance pictures. The biggest issue in using this technology is learning, which requires a large amount of digital data to increase the quality of information.

The AI system integrated into Russian drones uses modular cameras to detect and identify military objects by class and type in real time. The AI technology increases the area covered during a single flight by 60 times and improves the drone’s real-time lethality and autonomy. The collected data are immediately transferred to the operator on the ground.

According to pictures released on the Internet and Social Networks, Russian armed forces have used Kub loitering munition to conduct reconnaissance and attack missions against Ukrainian armed forces.

Citing information from the Russian press agency TASS, since September 2022, the Russian army has begun to actively use unmanned aerial vehicles from ZALA Aero. in the war in Ukraine, Russia’s kamikaze drones KUB and Lancet are widely used in combat operations in Ukraine, and have successfully demonstrated their properties in combat conditions. These types of drones were mainly used to destroy land targets.

The Lancet UAV is equipped with several types of guidance systems: coordinate optoelectronic and combined. The drone has a television communication channel that transmits an image of the target, which allows getting a confirmation the target has been hit. The drone is capable of destroying targets at a range of up to 40 km. Its maximum takeoff weight is 12 kg.

The KUB-BLA is a loitering munition that was unveiled in February 2019 during IDEX, a defense exhibition in the United Arab Emirates. The drone can be fitted with different types of payloads weighing 3 kg that could include cameras or an explosive warhead.

The KUB-BLA is electrically powered by a single motor. It can reach a maximum flight speed of 130 km/h. The drone has a flight endurance of 30 minutes and can hit targets at a range of up to 40 km.

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