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More than 260 teams from 34 countries took part to Army Games 2022.

| 2022

The 2022 Army International Games that took place from 13 to 27 August consisted in 36 international competitions with the maximum expansion of the geography of their holding to 15 countries.
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A ZBD-86A infantry fighting vehicle of the Chinese team crosses a Treadway bridge in the relay race, the last stage of the Suvorov Onslaught contest of the International Army Games 2022 (IAG 2022) in Korla, China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, on August 21, 2022. (Picture source:

The International Army Games 2022 kicked off on August 13 and ended on August 27. The games were held on the territories of 12 countries, including China, Russia and Iran. Over 270 teams from 37 countries and regions competed in the games. This year, the Chinese military sent nine teams abroad to participate in competitions in Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Algeria, and Uzbekistan.

More than 260 teams from 34 countries from Europe, Asia, Africa and, for the first time, South America were taking part in the Games 2022. The most representative teams were from Belarus, Uzbekistan, Iran, Armenia and China. The total number of participants exceeded 4,500 people. For the first time, Bolivia and Rwanda participated in the Games. Traditionally, International Army Games 2022 ended with a final relay of the Tank Biathlon on August 27.

The Chinese team took part at the Alabino training ground in the Moscow Oblast, Russia. The final of the tank biathlon was held at the Alabino training ground on Saturday afternoon. The Chinese team ranked second in this competition.


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