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Greece keeps modernizing its Leopard 2A4 tanks and seeking Toma Lynx IFVs.

| 2022

On May 30, Faidon G. Karaiosifidis reports on, the next milestone of two Greek Army programs took place in the framework of the 183 Leopard 2A4 tanks to the Leopard 2A7 HEL standard, and that of supplying 205 new KF41 Lynx armored combat vehicles, nicknamed Toma for the Greek (Hellenic) army.
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Leopard 2A4 MBTs of the Greek Army (Picture source:

The issue of the strategic cooperation agreement between Greece and Germany in a series of major programs of tanks and armor of the Greek Army with multiple, wider benefits for Greece has been raised several times recently. The two programs, in the process of their promotion for implementation, are expected to be submitted for approval to the Supreme Military Council, one of the bodies that will give an opinion, with the next stage the approval of SAGE (Council of Chiefs of General Staff) to make the final suggestion to the political leadership, which will make the final decision. In this light, the decision of the ACC is the first milestone in the process, Faidon G. Karaiosifidis states.

The first program will complete the effort that began with the acquisition (for a symbolic price) of the 183 intermediate solution tanks, which was attached to the Leopard 2A7 HEL program.

An excellent proposal is currently being conceived for the reinforcement of the Hellenic Army with modernized Leopard 2A7, Leopard 1A5+/A6, Toma Marder 1A3/A4/A5 but also Toma Lynx. A financial concern resides in the fact that Greece is seeking to purchase Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II jets, a tremendous burden for the Defense budget.

The second proposal is the acquisition of Toma IFVs. Opportunities to acquire second-hand equipment are known to have been overlooked in the past, and purchase efforts, including the Russian-made BMP-3, have been unsuccessful.

Both programs are in the process of being implemented, the acquisition of Toma IFVs being a ‘’must’’. Greece discusses the purchase of 200 KF41 Lynx/Toma IFVs with their production line and 100% German funding.

Flight magazine was the first media that wrote about the important project concerning the purchase by the Greek side of Toma/Lynx, in parallel with the creation of a production line of Leopard 2A7+ tanks in Greece, Faidon G. Karaiosifidis recalls. This is the strongest link that now binds the two programs – Leopard 2A7 HEL and Lynx – through all their aspects, including financing but mainly the desired industrial and other collaborations.

Another reason that further strengthens the "unbreakable package", Faidon G. Karaiosifidis continues, is precisely the industrial cooperation, which is known to be based on similar proposals of KMW for the Leopard 2A7 HEL and Rheinmetall for the KF41 Lynx, which have been submitted in combination.

Another reason that helps the link between the Leopard 2A7 HEL and the KF41 Lynx is that the two vehicles follow the same design, construction and operational standards, with corresponding parameters in maintenance and support, elements so strong that in combination with the "package" offered by the Germans makes the prospect of seeking an alternative to Toma extremely weak.


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