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Augmented reality-enabled Manifest platform becoming pivotal in military digitization efforts.

| 2022

At the Eurosatory show in Paris (June 13-17, Microsoft stand K350, Hall 5A), Taqtile showcases use-case performance data demonstrating how its augmented reality (AR)-enabled work-instruction platform, Manifest, reduces technician errors when performing vehicle repair, maintenance, and inspection tasks. Through the capture of expert knowledge, integrated with key sources of data and fused into an intuitive AR environment, Manifest creates digitally augmented workflows that increase service member understanding, reduce cognitive stress, and improve operational readiness.
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Manifest augmented reality (AR)-enabled work instruction platform from Taqtile - demonstrated at the Eurosatory show this week - reduces maintenance errors and supports military digitization efforts (Picture source: Taqtile)

Manifest is used by deskless technicians and mechanics at defense organizations such as the United States Army, the New Zealand Defense Force, and the U.S. Airforce to manage a variety of maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) tasks, as well as inspection procedures. Making military personnel more efficient and their work more accurate keeps military equipment operating properly, makes defense facilities safer and more compliant, and improves the safety of operators.

Performance data from various studies demonstrate just how effective Manifest is:

- USAF jet engine technicians using Manifest completed 100% of 28 assigned tasks with zero errors.
- Automotive technicians in the New Zealand Army Trade Training School using Manifest completed tasks with 36% fewer errors than trainees using extant training methods which included instructor assistance.
- Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) evaluators using Manifest generated 53% fewer errors/discrepancies than counterparts not using Manifest.

“The data clearly support the efficacy of Manifest in military inspection, repair, and maintenance use cases,” said Kelly Malone, Chief Customer Officer, Taqtile. “Manifest is performing a key function in helping defense organizations modernize workflows, and reduce errors and omissions caused by skills gaps.”

Live Demonstration at Eurosatory

The Manifest AR-enabled platform is demonstrated on the HoloLens 2 in the Microsoft stand (K350, Hall 5A) at Eurosatory this week. Attendees can follow a routine maintenance procedure to inspect a physical aircraft front landing gear in the booth.

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