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WZM to modernize BWR-1D and BWR-1S reconnaissance armored vehicles of Polish Army.

| 2021

Polish company Wojskowe Zakłady Motoryzacyjne (WZM) has won a contract to upgrade and repair 18 tracked armored reconnaissance vehicles BWR-1D et BWR-1S of the Polish army.
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A modernized version of BWR-1D reconnaissance tracked armored vehicle for the Polish army. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The BWR-1D and BWR-1S are based on the Polish BWP-1 tracked armored IF (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) which is Soviet BMP-1 built under license in Poland. Modified BWR vehicles (BWR-1D and BWR-1S) are currently the only specialized reconnaissance vehicle on tracked chassis in the polish armed forces, equipped with the newest technical systems enabling effective reconnaissance at the tactical level in the modern battlefield.

Currently, Polish army operates 38 vehicles of the BWR family including 22 BWR-1D which are base to the Soviet BRM-1K a reconnaissance armored vehicle which also based on the BMP-1 IFV tracked chassis equipped with observation devices and a mast mounted battlefield surveillance radar. A total of 16 BWR-1S are in service with the Polish army based on the Czech-made BPzV which is equipped with PSNR-5 ground surveillance radar.

The modernized version of the BWR-1D integrates now technologically advanced systems/devices such as the external communication based on Harrys and Radmor digital radio systems, IT system with a digital internal communication system, observation system based on the JIM LR multifunctional thermal binoculars, integrated ZIG-T-2R optoelectronic head, ground surveillance radar SR HAWK, navigation and positioning systems (inertial Talin 5000 and DAGR GPS device), vehicle self Protection system SSP-1N OBRA13, chemical contamination control device APC 4, miniature mine detector MIMID, mobile DPO Radiometer, multi-spectral BERBERYS Type C masking coverage, generator 2kw, parking heater, passing sighting devices, tracks with rubber pads, ergonomic seats for crew members and enlarged fuel tanks in the rear doors.

WZM to moderne and repair BWR 1S reconnaissance armored vehicles of Polish Army 925 001
A modernized version of BWR-1S reconnaissance tracked armored vehicle for the Polish army. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The modernized version of the BWR-1S is equipped with two thermal imagers, two TV cameras, a laser rangefinder, an artillery fire detector and new radios. The vehicle also has a GPS satellite navigation system, a smokescreen generator, a data transmitting unit, a camouflaging coating and other pieces of new hardware.

The BWR-1D and BWR-1S keep the same turret as the original BMP-1 IFV which is armed with one 73 mm Model 2A28 smoothbore, a low-pressure, short-recoil gun which weighs 115 kg. A 7.62mm machine gun is mounted coaxially to the right of the main armament.

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