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Thailand receives VN16 amphibious assault vehicles from China.

| 2021

According to information published by Asia Pacific Defense Journal on May 31, 2021, the Royal Thai Marine Corps (RTMC) has received its first batch of three amphibious assault vehicles ordered from Chinese company Norinco to honor a contract worth US$12.6 million.
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ZTD-05 or VN-16 (for the export version) amphibious assault vehicles in Thailand (Picture source: Aagth1)

The ZTD-05, also named VN-16 in the export version, is an amphibious light tank designed and manufactured in China by NORINCO, especially for naval infantry units. The ZTD-05 is armed with a 105 mm gun. The ZTD-05 belongs to the series of amphibious vehicles developed by China.

It is the fastest and most advanced medium-sized AAV. The ZTD-05 was designed for China by the Russian Tula KBP bureau, using the fighting compartment of the Russian BMP-3 armored infantry fighting vehicle as the starting point. The Kurgan machine-building plant was involved in the development of the rest of the vehicle, as well as the launch of its mass production. in September, Thailand has announced the acquisition of three VN16 amphibious light tanks for its Marine Forces.

The ZTD-05 or VN-16 is propelled by a strong-powered engine and can navigate at a high speed in water up to 45 km/h. The vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 65 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 500 km.

The ZTD-05 or VN-16 is armed with a fully-stabilized 105mm rifled gun, similar to that found on the ZTS63A amphibious tank.

Secondary weapons include a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun, and two sets of four smoke grenade launchers mounted on the side of the turret.


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