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SOFINS 2021: Sillinger showcases 470 SRD Sub submersible boat.

| 2021

Sillinger displays 470 SRD SUB for the first time during the SOFINS Special Forces Operations Equipment exhibition that was held in France from 29 June to 1 July 2021. Since 1962, the Sillinger boatyard, named after its founder Tibor Sillinger, has specialized in folding and semi-rigid inflatable boats for military and professional use.

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470 SRD Sub boat during Sofins 2021 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Sillinger 470 SRD SUB, submersible boat, allow intervention units to operate quickly with efficiency and discretion, night and day. The 470 SRD SUB present a perfect versatility for every missions, the SRD deployment system coupled with the SUB immersion system allow to fulfil stealth missions and air drop missions. The single point inflating system ensure the float, the keel and the speed tubes deployment with the inter communication valves ITV. The aluminium floorboard ensure a superior rigidity of the boat for a maximal steering capacity.

The Sillinger Rapide Deployment are rapid deployment foldable boats that allow intervention units to proceed in optimal speed conditions, efficiency and discretion, in every kind of sea conditions.

The 470 SRD SUB has an overall length of 4,65 m, a width of 1,88 m. It can carry up 10 persons maximum. She can reach a top speed of 60 hp.


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