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SOFINS 2021: PGM Précision showcases Hécate II sniper rifle.

| 2021

Founded in 1993, the French company PGM Précision specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of high precision rifles. PGM Precision equips French forces and elite units. It also exports to 45 countries. Thanks to its expertise, PGM offers a whole range of high-quality accessories. At SOFINS 2021, the entire range of rifles and accessories from PGM can be seen and many innovations are present, like the Hécate II sniper rifle.

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Hécate II sniper rifle (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The Hécate II is the standard heavy sniper rifle and anti-materiel rifle of the French Army (sometimes known as the FR-12.7) with the new .375 Swiss P caliber.

The .375 SWISS P or 9.5×70mm, designated 375 SWISS P by the C.I.P., is a rimless, bottlenecked, centerfire rifle cartridge. It was developed during the late 2010s as a high-powered, long-range cartridge for military snipers and the law enforcement sector. The loaded cartridge is 14.93 mm (0.588 in) in diameter (rim) and 93.5 mm (3.68 in) long. It can penetrate better-than-standard military body armor and has a maximum supersonic range of about 1,600 metres (1,750 yd) with C.I.P. conform FMJ factory ammunition at sea level conditions. Muzzle velocity is dependent on barrel length, seating depth, and powder charge, and varies from 860 to 870 m/s (2,800 to 2,900 ft/s) for commercial loads with 22.7-gram (350 gr bullets, which corresponds to about 8,500 J (6,300 ft⋅lbf) of muzzle energy.

The PGM bipod that equips the new FNH SCAR precision rifle of the French army is presented. Easy to use, robust and ergonomic, PGM bipods attach to any weapon equipped with an ITU or Picatinny rail, depending on the model. Its legs are retractable and fold forward and backward.

In addition, PGM presents its collection of tactical textiles developed in partnership with the French company Kastinger. Various carrying solutions are available in several colors. The textile is endowed with an innovation, Cordura 1100 decitex treated with IR.

PGM has also developed with Kastinger a case collector, available for HK416, ARX160, FAS 90 etc. It mounts on a side Picatinny rail to the right of the weapon. Its maximum capacity is 60 cases. It saves time on the firing range and does not waste holsters or pollute.


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