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Russian Lasok 4 armored vehicle developed for air transportation by Mi-8AMTSh helicopter.

| 2021

The design of the light Lasok air-portable armored vehicle corresponds to the global trend in the development of armored automobiles, Sergey Tolmachev, Director of the Innovative Chassis Company, told TASS : “Lasok 4-P prototype was created due to detailed analysis of combat operations in various local conflicts and is designed for commandos, advanced units and reconnaissance groups (three vehicles per detachment), as well as patrol and operations of engineering assault units in complicated city conditions, mountains and cross-country terrain”.
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Artist rendering of Lasok 4 (Drawing source : Twitter account of Rob Lee)

The new vehicle has a low hull of a faceted configuration to decrease the signature. The special form of the body is due to optimal inclination angles, which decrease the silhouette and provide protection against fire from top building floors. The body has an optimal weight and provides a high all-terrain capability. The inclination of armored windows provides several advantages, including anti-glare characteristics to decrease the signature at a major distance.

Due to effective and rational inclination angles of the armored surfaces and distributed armor, the steel armor of the body does not exceed 4.5mm and the front armor is 6-8mm thick in some sections.

Lasok 4-P with an armored capsule and a cargo module was designed with a low silhouette and small weight for transportation inside multirole Mi-8AMTSh (Mi-171Sh) helicopters with a combat team. The armored capsule is connected with the cargo compartment by an armored hatch in the back. The cargo compartment is covered by a tent and can carry another three paratroopers protected by front and side armor (additional armored side plates).

The motor compartment of Lasok 4-P has a specific configuration and special projection of sandwich-segmented principle of distributed armor to decrease the heat signature of the vehicle. Cooling engine radiators are protected by unique stripped-welted armor.

There is a special place for a winch and additional equipment in front of the motor compartment (platform before the face bar).

The designer said the unladen weight of Lasok-4 is 2045 kg, the full weight is 2700 kg, and the carrying capacity is 650 kg. “It is proposed to finally provide the unladen weight of 1900 kg with the fourth protection level. The full weight will remain 2700 kg, but the carrying capacity will increase to 800 kg,” the Innovative Chassis Company said.

Lasok-4 is 1,720 mm high, 1,880 mm wide, and 3,970 mm long. The wheelbase is 2,420 mm and clearance is 370 mm. The vehicle can cross 0.9 meter of water.

It is equipped with anti-traumatic seats, anti-fragmentation backing, a special configuration of the body with distributed armor, back inclination of side surfaces, and special angles of horizontal surfaces. “In contrast to bigger armored vehicles, the compact Lasok 4-P has closely the same level of ballistic protection and major signature, maneuverability and survivability advantages in city fighting,” Tolmachev said.

The vehicle is armed with a 7.62mm RPK handheld machinegun and 12.7mm Kord large-caliber machinegun.

It is planned to design amphibious Lasok 4-P. The vehicle may have robotic controls and arms in future and be able to remotely provide protection and fire support to its combat team. Besides, Lasok may be developed into Lasok-REP modification with equipment to fight low-altitude drones.

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