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IDEX 2021: Resource Industries displays LTV4 light tactical vehicle for special forces.

| 2021

The Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle Program was developed together with the Italian Ministry of Defense. The LTV4’s design focused only on end users’ list of specifications and, hence, perfectly matches their operational needs.

DSEI 2019 Fantastic opportunity to promote the British defence industry 925 001
LVT4 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Like all the other vehicles of this category, the LTV4 is easy to drive and to use even on very rugged terrain, its high power/weight ratio and very low center of gravity making it almost a racing vehicle able to reach 130 km/h. Its maintenance is both simple and easy. Its 40-liter tank provides a 300km autnomy enabling the vehicle to perform some missions typically assigned to special forces. The 500kg payload is sufficient for most of the missions to perform with such a vehicle. Solidity and reliability are other assets of the LVT4.

The 1,075 kg net weight (1,185 kg in ordrer of march, 1 ;580 kg GW) make the LVT4 easily air transportable by CH-47 Chinook or C-27J. The LVT4 is versatile: various armament and payload combinations are possible.


IDEX 2021:

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