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Patria unveils 6x6 HAPC Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier with Cockerill CLWS.

| 2021

At DSEI 2021, Patria showcases its upgraded 6×6 vehicle platform that has been selected by Finland and Latvia which have agreed on a joint programme for sustained army mobility enhancement to which Patria delivers 6×6 vehicle chassis platforms. The vehicle deliveries will already start in 2021.

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Patria 6x6 HAPC (Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier) with Cockerill CLWS (Cockerill Light Weapon Station) (Picture source: Army Recognition)

To demonstrate the adaptability of its 6x6 HAPC (Heavy Armoured Personnel Carrier) variant, the Patria showcased at DSEI 2021 is equipped with Cockerill CLWS (Cockerill Light Weapon Station) which is a lightweight, modular, stabilized remote weapon system. CLWS offers significant firepower through a wide range of alternative weapons and calibers such as 25 mm, 30×113 mm, 12,7 mm, a 7,62 mm coaxial machine gun, rockets, and anti-tank guided missiles. The turret has 140 rounds (25mm) of ammunition ready for firing and 200 rounds for the optional coaxial machine gun make it an ideal system for missions requiring high mobility. It is equipped with enhanced situational awareness and C3I systems. Optional protection level 4 against ballistic threats, mine protection and a wide range of other modular options enable optimized fulfillment of customer needs and requirements. The fitting of John Cockerill Defense's CLWS does not intend to make the Patria appear as an IFV in its full acceptance but to underline its powerful self-defense capability in its APC role.

The simplicity and cleanness of the internal and external design of the vehicle are outstanding, creating an uncommon roomy space for the crew, even heavily equipped. Maintenance is simplified at a high level. As mentioned to Army Recognition by Jussi Järvinen, the President of Patria's Land business unit, the camouflage applied to the Patria HAPC displayed at DSEI 2021 is a ‘’ demo one’’, not an actual tactical one. The ai mis just to draw the attention, a goal that is obviously reached.

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