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Milipol 2021: First appearance of Thalamus surveillance robot by Glocal Robotics.

| 2021

At Milipol 2021, Sofex showcases the Thalamus, a surveillance UGV made by Glocal Robotics, a young company founded in 2020.
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THALAMUS is designed to ensure the protection of large industrial, defense, sensitive or classified sites, where safety and security are a priority, but where conventional, technological and human means, often too costly or unsuitable, can be compensated for by an integrated innovative technological solution (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Glocal Robotics Europe's mission is to design and build next-generation autonomous safety robots, which are smarter, more reliable and more efficient, for the successful protection of infrastructures and their personnel.

Their first robot, designed for the surveillance of sensitive sites, made its first appearance at Milipol 2021. Called Thalamus, this UGV displays both deterrent functions (patrols, speed control, obstacle avoidance) as well as intrusion detection and communication.

Thalamus is designed to protect the outer perimeter of large industrial or public sites, where security is a priority, but where conventional means, both technological and human, are too costly and ineffective. Thanks to its AI, its 12 hours or 150 km autonomy and its secure 4G link, Thalamus is always at the forefront to perform, autonomously, intrusion detection and remote identity check.

With its 250 kg, its 2.3 meters long and a top speed of 30 km / h, it has just driven full test batteries during the summer of 2021.
Distributed by Scopex in France and the Maghreb, Glocal Robotics Europe is looking for partners for global distribution from the end of 2021




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