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IDEX 2021: Leonardo to exhibit a wide-range of innovative and high-end technologies at IDEX and NAVDEX.

| 2021

Leonardo is pleased to confirm it attended the IDEX exhibition starting this Sunday in the UAE (stands 06-A03 and 05-C32). The last time the Company attended a significant physical event was one year ago when it exhibited its unmanned platforms at UMEX, so its return to Abu Dhabi will mean the closure of an imaginary loop: “IDEX 2021 is an opportunity to look with optimism into the new year – commented Pasquale Di Bartolomeo, Leonardo Chief Commercial Officer. Throughout 2020, Leonardo stood closely with its customer thanks to its international presence – like the Abu Dhabi branch – and today we confirm our commitment in supporting the UAE institutions and Armed Forces’ operations, as well as look for new ways to collaborate”. Falling within this framework is the contribution Leonardo will bring with its technologies to Expo 2020 Dubai and through its collaborations with the Emirati and Italian entities, ensuring the success of this event.

DSEI 2019 Fantastic opportunity to promote the British defence industry 925 001
Leonardo is present at IDEX 2021(Abu Dhabi) and via its digital IDEX-NAVDEX experience (Picture source: Leonardo)

Conscious of the challenges surrounding worldwide travel, Leonardo has decided to match its efforts in reaching its stakeholders by creating a digital IDEX-NAVDEX experience, a new immersive space available to those unable to travel to the UAE, and for those searching for more content and information about Leonardo’s offerings in the Middle East. This includes state of the art guided ammunition for land and naval applications, represented by the Vulcano 76 BER, Vulcano 127 and 155 mm, and by the DART guided projectile. The Company’s experience in combat proven naval systems and its deep knowledge of the UAE Navy’s needs are the pillars of the offer by Leonardo to Tawazun in collaboration with Emirati industries to design and manufacture the future national Combat Management System. Leonardo has already supplied to the UAE Navy more than 20 Combat Management Systems and a large number of OTO 76/62 mm, 40L70 mm, Marlin 30 mm, Hitrole 12,7 naval guns, for vessels including the Ghannatha, Baynunah, Falaj 2 and Abu Dhabi-class corvettes, which will be joined by systems for the Bani Yas programme.

The wide range of solutions that Leonardo provides in the naval field also include the AW149, AW159, AW101 and NH90 helicopters. These aircraft, as well as third-party platforms, can be equipped with advanced sensors like Leonardo’s ULISSES acoustic Anti-Submarine Warfare system, market-leading AESA radar such as the Osprey 30 and effective protection against even the latest threats with the Multi-Aperture InfraRed (MAIR) missile warning system and the Miysis Directed InfraRed CounterMeasure (DIRCM). Other cutting-edge electronics on show will include a comprehensive suite of airborne surveillance equipment including the SAGE Electronic Support Measure (ESM) and LEOSS electro-optical system for latest-generation surveillance, and the software-defined SRT-800 radio for communications.

DSEI 2019 Fantastic opportunity to promote the British defence industry 925 001
Leonardo's ULISSES is the new lightweight modular Sonics System based on edge technology, to provide an affordable solution for advanced Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) operations. (Picture source: Leonardo)

Leonardo is proud to highlight that UAE customers fly more than one hundred platforms including the AW139, AW169, AW189 and AW109 models, which perform a variety of operations including Emergency Medical Services, law enforcement, offshore, and VIP transport.

The Middle East’s Air Forces are increasing their capacity with mixed aircraft fleets, including different fighter models, and this is why Leonardo is continuing to promote its pilot training capabilities. This includes the iconic M-346 Advanced Training aircraft – also available in the Fighter Attack version, the new M-345, recently delivered to the Italian Air Force and set for the basic-advanced phases of the pilot training syllabus, and a portfolio of training services thanks to the establishment of the International Flight Training School (IFTS) together with the Italian Air Force. The training services offered by Leonardo are not limited to pilots: the Company has sold into the Middle East its cyber range & training system, which facilitates the training of cyber security operators and allows the customer to assess the resilience of digital infrastructure against potential cyber-attacks. Leonardo’s platform for digital security is part of a wider offer in the protection of citizens and national economic activities, including critical infrastructure protection, satellite data collections, satellite services for urban and environmental monitoring and unmanned and counter-unmanned solutions. Leonardo is a market leader in Unmanned Aerial Systems and in Air Traffic Systems solutions. Thanks to its capabilities, the Company is able to offer tailored anti-drone technologies for both civil and defence use. Some of these systems have already been supplied to the UK’s Royal Air Force – such as Falcon Shield, which was deployed after emergencies at Gatwick and Heathrow – and to the Italian and US Armed Forces. The military qualification is a guarantee of effectiveness and resilience; a key characteristic of these systems is that they are easily and quickly deployable in a civil context too.

Leonardo’s US arm Leonardo DRS will be highlighting a range of advanced technologies to support and protect mounted and dismounted forces. From industry-leading integrated C4I systems to vehicle-integrated electric power systems, electro-optical situational awareness and force protection technologies. As concrete evidence of its collaboration with Emirati partners, Leonardo and Leonardo DRS’ technologies are also hosted at the stands of their partners IGG, NIMR, Earth / EDGE and ETS.




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