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IDEX 2021: ECA Group presents their solutions of military driving simulators.

| 2021

French Company ECA Group presents their solutions of military driving simulators for tactical and combat vehicles at IDEX 2021, the International Land Defense Exhibition that takes place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

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ECA Group has developed new solutions of military driving training system (Picture source Army Recognition)

As a pioneer in the simulation industry, ECA GROUP is actively engaged in the design and manufacture of cutting-edge technology road simulators. ECAA Group tailored software and hardware are designed to meet individual customer’s requirements and adaptable to any situation.

Meet the ECA Group team at IDEX 2021 and learn more about ECA GROUP’s Military Vehicle Simulator (MVS), a full-size simulator to train drivers of armored vehicles is presented at IDEX 2021. ECA GROUP military simulators are designed to also conduct tactical training and convoy missions.

ECA Group’s Military Vehicle Simulator is a full-scale replica of an armored vehicle, with fully integrated real equipment, placed on a six axes motion platform in order to simulate with accuracy the behavior of the vehicle in every kind of environments and situations.

The ECA Group driving simulator is available for autonomous driving training and practice or at a platoon level, in a collaborative model, networked with other simulators. The 3D geo-typical graphical database ensures immersive training in multiple environment types like a desert, jungle, urban areas, and multiple training zones like cities, off-road, countryside, test tracks, trial areas, base camps.

The ECA Group combat vehicle driving simulator can be used to train soldiers in real combat conditions in the road and off-road terrains. It also allows drivers to train with new equipment and validate qualifications before being deployed with a real vehicle on the battlefield.

The ECA Group simulator can be designed with the same control systems and displays as a real vehicle. The driver can repeat all the driving procedures in safe conditions without any damages to the real vehicle.

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