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Hyundai Rotem unveils K2 Main Battle Tank-M at EDEX.

| 2021

The South Korean company that manufactures rolling stock, defense products, and plant equipment, Hyundai Rotem unveiled a model of K2 Main Battle Tank-M during EDEX 2021, which was held in Cairo from November 29 to December 3.

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K2 Main Battle Tank-M, EDEX 2021 in Cairo (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The K2 Black Panther is a new generation of Main Battle Tank (MBT) designed, developed, and manufactured in South Korea by the South Korean Company Hyundai Rotem. The K2 was unveiled for the first time to the public during the Defense Exhibition ADEX at the Seoul Airport in October 2009.

The main armament of the K2 Black Panther consists of a German-made Rheinmetall 120-mm/ L55 smoothbore gun produced under license in South Korea.

The gun is fitted with an automatic loader which ensures the loading of projectiles on the move even when the vehicle moves on uneven surfaces. The 120mm gun can fire about 10 rounds per minute.

The K2 can run at a maximum speed of 70 km/h on surface roads while being able to maintain speeds up to 48 km/h in off-road conditions. It can accelerate from 0 to 32 km/h within 7 seconds.


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