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First btach of 2S3M2 152mm tracked self-propelled howitzers delivered to Russian army.

| 2021

The first batch of modernized 2S3M2 Akatsiya 152mm tracked self-propelled howitzers was handed over to the Russian army. The 2S3M2 is an improved version of the Soviet-made 2S3 152mm self-propelled howitzer based on tracked armored chassis.
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Russian-made 2S3M2 152mm self-propelled howitzer. (Picture source Internet)

The development of the 2S3 nicknamed Akatsiya, a Soviet-made 152mm tracked self-propelled howitzer started in 1967 and first prototypes were completed in 1968. It enters service with the Russian army in December 1971.

The design of the 2S3 is divided into three compartments with the driver's at the front on the left of the hull, the engine to the right of the driver, and the fully enclosed turret mounted at the rear of the tracked chassis. The hull and the turret are made on all-welded steel to provide protection against the firing of small arms and artillery shell splinters.

The 2S3 is armed with a 152 mm weapon, designated the 2A33, which is based on the towed 152 mm D-20 gun-howitzer but with a bore evacuator added behind the muzzle brake. The barrel has a double-baffle muzzle brake, fume extractor, and a gun barrel traveling lock. This howitzer has a crew of four.

According to Russian military sources, the 2S3M2 is armed with the new 2A33M cannon able to fire new ammunition with an effective firing range of 17.4 km for basic high-explosive (HE) shell, 20.5 km - for rocket-assisted projectiles (RAP), and 20 km - for high-precision guided projectiles (for instance, 3OF39 Krasnopol added as basic ammunition in 2S3M1`s ammunition load).

The 2S3M2 is also fitted with an automatic fire control system, a satellite navigational system, new communication systems, and smoke grenade launchers.

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