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FEINDEF 2021: Expal presents its new Dual EIMOS 81mm Onboard Mortar System.

| 2021

The Spanish company Expal presents for the first time to the public the dual EIMOS Prototype 81mm mortar system from the Spanish Navy at FEINDEF 2021, International Defense Exhibition in Spain. The mortar system is mounted at the rear on a URO VAMTAC ST5, a 4x4 light tactical armored vehicle.

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The Dual EIMOS 81mm Onboard Mortar System at FEINDEF 2021, Defense Exhibition in Spain. (Picture source Army Recognition)

This 81mm Onboard Mortar System has been developed through an R&D (Research and Development) Program with SDGPLATIN, following the most demanding requirements of the Marine Corps of Spanish Navy. The R&D Program concluded last April, and the first batches of the Onboard Mortar System are expected to be delivered in the coming months.

The Dual EIMOS is a light vehicle-mounted integrated mortar system designed and manufactured by Spanish defense company EXPAL Systems. The mortar system is designed to provide high firepower capabilities and reliability during combat missions. The Dual EIMOS mounted on an armored vehicle offers enhanced protection for the crew and high mobility in all-terrain conditions.

The Dual-EIMOS is a system developed from EIMOS 2018, within the framework of an R&D Program with the SDGPLATIN (DGAM) that has allowed the development of a system tailored to the Navy's General Staff Requirements, with important improvements in aspects such as its versatility and precision.

In November 2020, the Spanish Company Expal has announced that the Dual EIMOS has completed its validation under the UTEX Experimental Tactical Unit program with the SDGPLATIN, the Research and Development agency responsible for the program management, development and purchase of weapon systems for the Spanish armed forces.

The Dual EIMOS is an evolution of the EIMOS with deep fording capability, automatic fire control and integrated with TALOS C2 System. It maintains the operational advantages of EIMOS 2018, clearly oriented to shoot-and-scoot, through characteristics such as maneuverability, 360º shooting without the need for additional supports and even in motion, with the aim of providing maximum efficiency in mission, and ensuring survivability. Regarding interoperability, Dual-EIMOS incorporates integration with the TALOS command and control system from the previous version.

The Shoot-and-scoot is an artillery tactic of firing at a target and then immediately moving away from the location from where the shots were fired to avoid counter-battery fire.

The URO VAMTAC (Vehículo de Alta Movilidad Táctico, "High Mobility Tactical Vehicle") is a Spanish-made 4x4 light tactical vehicle manufactured by the UROVESA. The vehicle was designed to operate in any environment, including desert, and is fitted with reinforced armor over previous versions.

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