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EDEX 2021: Hanwha Defense showcases K9 Thunder howitzer.

| 2021

The South Korean firm Hanwa Defense showcases, at EDEX 2021, K9 Thunder that is a 155 mm howitzer designed and developed by the Agency for Defense Development and Samsung Aerospace Industries for the Republic of Korea Armed Forces.

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K9 Thunder 155 mm Howitzer at EDEX 2021, Egypt (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The main armament of the K9 Thunder consists of a 155 mm/52 caliber ordnance with a maximum firing range of 40 km. A total of 48 projectiles and their associated charges are carried for ready use.

The K9 is based on tracked chassis fitted with a hydropneumatic suspension that consists on each side of six dual rubber road wheels, with the drive sprocket at the front, idler at the rear, and three track return rollers. It can run at a maximum road speed of 67 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 360 km.

The K9 Thunder has an all-welded steel hull and turret with a maximum thickness of 19 mm.

On 10 October 2021, South Korea and Egypt discussed the sales of K9 Thunder. The estimated value of the deal is $2 billion including training of technicians.


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