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Chilean Police (PDI) awards DiveSpec contract for 5 Centigon Fox APC 4x4 armored vehicles.

| 2021

According to Infodefensa, the PDI requested c-vehicles based on a Ford model 550 chassis designed for complex police procedures and with features to be used both in urban and rural places. The vehicle had to accommodate 10 police officers and be protected by an armor supporting ballistic impacts from different calibers on its whole body, including the windows.
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Fox APC (Picture source: Centigon)

Four proposals were received. Centurion Armor presented the Inkas Canada Sentry for an estimated amount of 1.9 million dollars, with a delivery time of 130 days. On its side, DivSspec applied with the Fox APC from Centigon for a value of 1.9 million and with a delivery date of 180 days. TSD Technology & Security Development offered the Ibero for a price of 1.6 million and a delivery period of 300 days while Voin Solutions SpA participated with the Spartan ASV of Streit Group for a figure of 1.9 million and with a delivery date of 100 days.

The institution declared the proposals of TSD Technology & Security Development inadmissible and Voin Solutions SpA for not delivering the guarantee of the offer according to the form and opportunity required, and the alternative of Centurion Armor SpA for presenting an incomplete technical offer and not delivering the guarantee certificate.

So, the Evaluation Commission decided to propose to award the market fir five 4x4 armored vehicles to Divespec, as this company is meeting all the mandatory technical requirements and has obtained a score of 87.5% in the evaluation. Divespec will deliver the Fox 4x4 APCs within a maximum period of 180 days running from the date of signing the contract.

Designed to seat up to 12 people, the Fox F550 by Centigon offers greater payload and towing capacities. Te Ford F550 is a very popular chassis in Latin America. Modular and flexible, the interior layout and equipment adapt to each mission’s operational needs: counter-terrorism, riot control, fast and secure personnel transportation. The armored monocoque hull is made of high-hardened armor steel. This ensures that the occupants and the key components of the vehicle stay protected from ballistic threats and DM51 hand grenades. The armored vehicle Renard can be offered with a special Polyurethane coating (Line-XM) that not only increases protection against explosives but also provides better resistance against abrasion and corrosion. The engine is either a V8 diesel or a V10 gasoline.


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