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Army-2021: U-UAP presents Ka-226T Climber helicopter.

| 2021

Ulan-Ude aviation plant of Russian Helicopters Holding (Rostec State Corporation) presented at the static display of the Army-2021 International Military and Technical Forum in Patriot Park a sample of the latest modification of light multipurpose Ka-226T Climber helicopter, which will begin flight tests this fall.
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The Ka-226T light utility rotorcraft features a coaxial main rotor with no tail rotors; this scheme dramatically increases flight safety and allows an operator to fly the helicopter from relatively small vessels and landing pads in the mountains. The rotorcraft is designed for operations in high mountains, under hot climatic conditions, and over sea surfaces and for reconnaissance, patrol, monitoring, and transport missions. (Picture source: Russian Helicopters)

Modernized Ka-226T helicopter serial production scheduled to start in 2022 in close cooperation with Kumertau aviation manufacturing company at the Ulan-Ude aviation plant facility.

"For "U-UAP", this is the first helicopter for which all design documentation was made in full in electronic form. This allowed us to reduce tooling manufacturing time, significantly improve quality and accuracy by eliminating errors in two-dimensional design. The use of three-dimensional models has greatly facilitated the complicated task of assembling units made in different plants." says Alexey Kozlov, U-UAP 's managing director.

The upgraded Ka-226T differs significantly from the Ka-226 family. The helicopter has a new airframe design with substantially improved aerodynamics. The fuselage is made using modern lightweight materials, the helicopter's control and electrical system have been modernized, and an impact-resistant fuel system that meets increased safety requirements has been installed. At the same time, fuel tanks volume has been increased with the provision of centralized refuelling. A new complex of pilot navigation and radio communication equipment was also added.

The helicopter is ideally suited for high-altitude flights, and his working project received a new title "Climber". It is characterized by low vibration, ease and simplicity of operation, the ability to take off and land on small size sites, including in urban infrastructure, high accuracy of hovering even when carrying cargo on the external suspension, safe passengers boarding with working rotors.

Compared with previous models, the upgraded Ka-226T will have improved flight and technical characteristics. In particular, the flight speed to be increased, an empty helicopter weight to be reduced, application range to be extended, and it can reach altitudes up to 6500 meters. The helicopter can be optionally equipped with oxygen equipment, emergency flotation system, air conditioning and a heating system, and passenger transportation certification is planned.



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