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Army-2021: Remdizel has developed the MGSh-LBU upgraded version of MT-LB tracked armored vehicle.

| 2021

Russian Company Remdizel has developed the MGSh-LBU, an upgraded version of the Soviet MT-LB a multirole tracked armored vehicle that was developed in the early 1960s by the Ukrainian company Kharkov Tractor Plant.

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Russian company Remdizel presents its MGSh-LBU tracked armored, an upgraded version of the Soviet MT-LB multirole tractor tracked armored vehicle at Army-2021, defense exhibition in Russia. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The MGSh-LBU of Remdizel has a new design compared with the original MT-LB, the vehicle has now seven road wheels instead of six for the MT-LB. The hull has a new armor to increase protection against ballistic and mine threats. The crew compartment is at the front with the driver and commander, each having a single-piece hatch cover in front of which are three day periscopes.

The MGSh-LBU has a ne new engine 740.51-320 developing 320 hp. The vehicle can reach a maximum road speed of 65 km/h and 45 km/h in off-road conditions with a maximum cruising range of 750 km. It has a Gross Vehicle Weight of 16,000 kg and has a payload capacity of 4,500 kg.

The MGSh-LBU keeps the amphibious capability of the MT-LB and is propelled in the water by its tracks. Before entering the water a trim vane is erected at the front of the vehicle and the bilge pumps are switched on.

To date, Remdizel has produced prototypes of upgraded vehicles that undergo the tests. The vehicle will be used to towed artillery howitzers and can be configured as a command and radio vehicle, artillery fire-control vehicle, and cargo carrier. It can be also used as an armored personnel carrier, especially in difficult terrains such as snow or swamp.

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