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Abaco wins major order to support Space Force Protected Tactical Satellite Communication Program.

| 2021

Abaco Systems announces on January 14 an initial award of a USD 900,000 design win, with a lifetime potential win of several million, for ground control interface supporting Space Force’s Protected Tactical Satellite (PTS) Communication Program (SATCOM). PTS serves as a next generation anti-jamming satellite communication system to support warfighters globally.
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PTS serves as a next generation anti-jamming satellite communication system to support warfighters globally (Picture source: Abaco)

The win contains Abaco’s VP868 FPGA card, as well as the FMC172 FPGA mezzanine card. The VP868 serves as a high performance 6U OpenVPX compliant plug-in module with advanced digital signal processing capabilities. It is ideal for applications which require high performance processing and I/O with the ability to scale from the lab to deployed rugged environments. The FMC172 provides high performance, low latency and high sample rates. When paired, the VP868 and FMC172 deliver customers the platform to solve some of the most difficult challenges when designing modern DSP systems. This design win is truly a testament to the value of the product Abaco has developed based on the customer's demanding processing requirements and schedule.

Abaco was chosen based on continued market leading innovations, specifically for our ability to develop board support package (BSP) interfaces between the processor card and the FMC module. Abaco’s innovative solution allowed us to deliver a product that helps our customer succeed. The first order for this design win will be fully delivered by the end of 2020 with additional boards being delivered between 2022 and 2023.

Pete Thompson, Vice President of product management for Abaco Systems, Inc. said, “This design win demonstrates Abaco’s ongoing commitment to innovation, allowing us to deliver transcending products which exceed customer expectations and contribute to their success. Abaco products that work in unison, like the VP868 and FMC172, demonstrate our support of warfighters at home and abroad with products built to serve as best in class contributions.”


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