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UMEX 2020: French Company Nexter presents its full range of virtual training systems.

| 2020

French Company Nexter Training, a subsidiary of Nexter Systems presents its full range of virtual training and maintenance E-Learning systems at UMEX/SIMTECH 2020, the International Unmanned defense Systems and training technologies that takes place in Abu Dhabi, UAE (United Arab Emirates).

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French Company Nexter presents its full range of virtual training systems at UMEX/SIMTECH 2020 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. (Picture source Army Recognition)

Nexter Training showcases two immersive simulation modules. The first one, the Virtual Operation Training (VOT), provides gunners a virtual training to use the CAESAR© artillery system. The second one, the Virtual Maintenance Training (VMT), trains operators in the maintenance and repair of weapons including the P20 guns.

Although the system is initially oriented to the use of Virtual Reality for operational and maintenance training, it can be used for training in any field. The main objectives are to improve the learning curve to reduce the time spent during this phase, and on the other hand to allow self-training of military personnel, with the aim of reducing the investment of combat units in training processes.

The system allows soldiers to perform any industrial process as if it were real, thanks to the immersion in a virtual work environment where you can visualize the pieces of military equipment you will have to work with.

The system will recognize their hands to allow them to operate in the virtual environment as they should do in the real environment, so that once the learning phase is completed the soldier will have successfully completed the different industrial processes a great number of times, with different difficulty levels of training.

The Company Nexter Training is specialized in the development of in-service technical and maintenance training using the new technologies of virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Nexter Training has a tools-authors platform, GVT® (Generic Virtual Training). Qualified by the French army, this platform uses patented software building blocks. Thanks to this platform, Nexter Training can quickly create technical training in a virtual and simulated environment.

Since its creation, Nexter Training is a major player in 4.0 training. The company has carried out numerous training projects thanks to the technical and pedagogical know-how of its teams.

The implementation of CAESAR®, the maintenance of the VBCI and LECLERC MBT, the TGV train and the Rafale aircraft are part of more than 300 training modules delivered to date. Nexter Training's customers include SNCF, Dassault Aviation and Total.

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