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UMEX 2020: Access We UAV System showcases Black Knight suicide drone.

| 2020

Access We, a Korean company, is showcasing at UMEX 2020 the Black Knight "Scourge drone", a suicide drone.

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Black Knight "Scourge drone" showcased at UMEX 2020 (Picture source Army Recognition)

Black Knight is a suicide drone equipped with high-quality FC and GPS and it is optimized for stable flight and precise attack.

It has an empty weight (battery included) of 4kg and can carry 1kg of payload. The system is compact sized for easy mobility (wingspan: 1,900 mm;  length: 1,080 mm; height: 430mm) and set with full autonomous capability.  Launched from a catapult launching system, it has a 60 minutes endurance, with a cruise speed of 70 km/h.

Access We is one of the leading companies in UAV industry in Korea. The company is specialized in designing and manufacturing UAV such as fixed-wing drones.

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