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SAAB to upgrade Giraffe AMB radar of the French Air Force.

| 2020

According to a press release published on December 21, 2020, Saab has signed a contract with the French Armament General Directorate (DGA) for an upgrade and life extension of the French Air and Space Force’s mobile command and control systems, which feature Saab’s Giraffe AMB radar and command and control shelter.
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SAAB Giraffe radar mounted on a 6x6 military truck chassis. (Picture source Army Recognition)

This contract is part of the French aerospace operations command and control system program, SCCOA. The upgrades include adaptations to further enhance the Air Force’s NATO interoperability, information assurance and Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) capabilities. The lifespan of the French systems will be extended in order to allow its operational use up to at least 2033.

“The upgrade means we will extend the lifespan of the French Air and Space Force’s mobile command and control systems for at least another decade while continuing to support and enhance its operational capabilities and NATO interoperability. This contract further demonstrates our long-term commitment to support the French Armed Forces,” says Anders Carp, Saab’s Deputy CEO and head of business area Surveillance.

Saab received the initial order for the Giraffe AMB systems and command and control shelter from France in 2001. The French Air and Space Force has used the mobile command and control systems for a wide range of tasks, including military air surveillance in France and on international missions.

The Giraffe is a family of land and naval two- or three-dimensional G/H-band (4 to 8 GHz) passive electronically scanned array surveillance radar designed and manufactured by the Swedish company SAAB. Giraffe AMB (Agile Multi-Beam)monitors the air volume 360° for air targets from supersonic fighters, cruise missiles and helicopters, down to small, slow and low-flying UAVs. It is simultaneously capable to locate and warn for incoming rockets, artillery and mortar rounds. Due to the system's high update rate, 1-second target revisits time, and tracking accuracy Giraffe AMB provides accuracy for real-time control and engagement-quality target data for VSHORAD (Very Short Range Air Defense) to MRAD (Medium range Surface to Air Missile systems)effectors.

The Saab Giraffe AMB consists of a radar sensor that operates at the C-band, and a scalable Command, Control & Communication solution housed in a fully self-contained 20ft ISO-container cabin. A hydraulically operated mast elevates the Antenna to 12 m above ground, providing improved low altitude radar coverage and freedom of deployment.

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