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Russia will supply more armament to Laos and Sudan.

| 2020

In the framework of the Army 2020 military-technical forum that took place near Moscow last week, Russia signed contracts for the supply of weapons and military hardware to Laos and Sudan, among others.
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Upgraded T-72B1 MBTs of the Lao People’s Liberation Army on parade celebrating 70th Anniversary of the foundation of Laotian People’s Armed Forces in Vientiane, January 20th, 2019 (Picture source: Reddit)

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, talks were held with specialists from Serbia, Mongolia, Sudan and Laos."International contract documents for the supply of Russian products designed for military use were signed with the Sudanese and Laotian sides in the follow-up of the talks," the ministry said. No details were provided.

Close diplomatic and military ties between Russia and Laos date back to the post-Vietnam war era. They got somewhat loose when USSR collapsed, due to a lack of resources, but they have since been revigorated. So, Russia already supplied Laos with tanks and other military hardware, a process that is visibly going on, if not speeding up.

Sudan is also a long customer of the Russian defense industry. Hence a significant delegation attended Army 2020.


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