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Modular Oganj MLRS strengthens Serbian missile artillery.

| 2020

In the presence of Minister of Defence Aleksandar Vulin in the testing area of the Technical Test Centre in Nikinci, as part of internal tests of Modular multiple missile system LRSVM M18 Oganj, a guided missile Alas with self-guidance head was launched to test the characteristics of the ground station for missile guidance, integration of container and accompanying electronic equipment.
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Firing of an Atlas missile from a modular multiple missile system LRSVM M18 Oganj (Picture source: Serbian MoD)

The missile possesses a very modern aerodynamic configuration: combined drive group (solid start engine and turbo jet engine), modern guidance concept resistant to jamming (inertial navigation in initial and middle phase of flight, thermal vision head for final self-guidance linked to the ground station via optical cable and radio-link) of maximal range of 25 kilometres and it is intended for elimination of armored, and stationary fortified targets. The firing of Alas missile was carried out on a stationary target at a distance of 10.5 kilometers. The test is one in the series of required number of launches and it was conducted as a follow-up to previous tests with inert and missiles with programmed trajectory of this type. The test was successfully executed.

The modular Oganj is in the final phase of internal tests. After successful realisation of the final tests, it is expected that it will be introduced into the Armed Forces. It is highly automated artillery weapon, which apart from the upgrades achieved with the previous version – LRSVD M17 “Oganj Digitalised”, possesses new combat capabilities and it will considerably increase capabilities of our missile artillery. It can fire all types of existing non-guided missiles used by the Serbian Armed Forces, including projectiles of 40 kilometres range which have already been developed, missile projectiles of 50 kilometres range that are being developed and missiles with trajectory correction and guided missiles.

The Alas missile is not either final or the most powerful missile to be launched from this system. The Military Technical Institute is developing missiles Košava-1 and Košava-2 which will increase the range of our missile artillery to more than 50 kilometres and they will possess war heads of great destructive power, capable of destroying strongly fortified targets, of tactical and operational significance.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news
Modular multiple missile system LRSVM M18 Oganj (Picture source: Serbian MoD)


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