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Leonardo DRS receives a contract to digitalize M777A2 155mm mm towed howitzer of US Army.

| 2020

Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced on May 27, 2020, that it has been awarded a contract by the U.S. Army Contracting Command to provide mission-critical computing systems for the M777A2 Lightweight 155mm Towed Howitzer.The indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract is worth up to $21,470,307 and was awarded on February 19, 2020, with the first delivery order worth $6,319,922.
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U.S. Army soldiers from C Battery, 1st Battalion, 120th Field Artillery Regiment, Wisconsin Army National Guard conduct Fire Control Alignment Test (FCAT) with the M777A2 155mm towed howitzers. (Picture source U.S. DoD)

Under the contract, Leonardo DRS will provide Chief of Section Displays and Mission Systems Computers. These computers host U.S. Government Digital Fire Control Software (DFCS) as well as provide the user-machine-interface for the platform. The DFCS controls a fully integrated digital onboard fire control system for the M777A2 that provides significant improvements to system accuracy, lethality, response time, and survivability.

The Mission Systems Computer is the centralized computing and integration hub that interfaces with onboard sensors and other Line Replaceable Units (LRUs). The MSC utilizes platform sensors, LRUs and user input in conjunction with integrated fire control software to automate howitzer operations.

“We are dedicated to continue delivering quality, mission-critical computing systems for platforms such as the M777A2 to ensure our warfighters have the most modern technology for protective fire during combat operations,” said Bill Guyan, senior vice president and general manager of the Leonardo DRS Land Electronics business. “Leonardo DRS has a proven record of producing, delivering, and sustaining digital fire control computers for the U.S. Army and we are proud to continue this partnership,” Guyan said.

The M777A2 is an improved version of the standard M777 lightweight 155mm towed howitzer (referred as LW155 in U.S. army) designed and manufactured by the Company BAE Systems. The M777A2 is a towed 155 mm Howitzer jointly developed by the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps to replace the M198 155mm towed howitzer.

The M777A2 lightweight 155mmm towed howitzer uses a 155 mm/39 caliber ordnance using the same barrel as the US Army M109A6 self-propelled howitzer.

The M777A2 lightweight 155mmm towed howitzer can fire the full ranges of U.S. 155mm ammunition including unassisted projectiles to a range of 24 km and assisted projectiles to 30 km. With the upgraded fire controls system, it can also fire Excalibur Precision 155 mm Projectiles, Global Positioning System (GPS)-guided, extended-range artillery projectile M982 and M982A1 at a maximum range of 40 km.

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