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Brazilian army to modernize amphibious assault vehicles.

| 2020

The Brazilian army is considering modernizing 26 BAE Systems AAV7A1/CLAnf amphibious assault vehicles, a total composed of twenty-two AAVP-7A1 troop carriers, two AAVC-7A1 command posts and two AAVR-7A1 recovery vehicles. The fleet has been operated by the Amphibious Vehicles Battalion (BtlVtrAnf) of the Brazilian Marine Corps since 1986.
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Brazilian AAVC-7A1 command post (Picture source: Twitter account of Victor Barreira)

The Brazilian Marine Corps (Corpo de Fuzileiros Navais, Corps of naval riflemen) is the land combat branch and amphibious branch of the Brazilian Navy. The Corps is specialised in amphibious warfare, coastal reconnaissance, unconventional warfare, guerrilla warfare, raids, maritime interdiction and boarding operations. They are almost equivelant to the Portuguese Marine Corps and have similar capabilities to the British Royal Marine Commandos and American Force Recon.

Deployed nationwide, along the coast, in the riverine regions of Amazon and in the Pantanal, in peacetime it provides for the security of Naval installations and aids isolated populations through civic action programs in the Naval Districts. Abroad, it provides security for the Embassies of Brazil in Algeria, in Paraguay, in Haiti and in Bolivia. It has participated in all of the armed conflicts in the Military history of Brazil, foreign and domestic.

The tracked amphibious APC/assault vehicle fleet was initially composed of 21 AAV-7A1, 22 LVTP-7A1, 3 LVTC-7A1 and LVTR-7A1 but it seems only the hereabove mentioned vehicles are still operational and would therefore be modernized.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

Brazilian AAVP-7A1 troop carrier (Picture source: Twitter account of Victor Barreira)


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